The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 984

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 984-“But you saw it just now. Chairman Salvador was still siding with her.

It seems he hasn’t truly…” “Hmph, he was only protecting his pride. Who else understands my son if I don’t?” Nigel leaned backward, closing his eyes. “Now, it’s only one step away until he gives up on Shannon. At this moment, rekindling his feelings for his old lover might speed it up. The impact caused by the dead is often stronger than that of those still alive. It will enlighten him and make him regret his ways.” A luxury car headed toward Tideview Manor.

Gregory gripped the wooden box tightly, mentally preparing himself for a long time before slowly opening it.

The box had two layers.

The first layer consists of many neatly arranged velvet pouches. Gregory’s heart felt as if it stung each time he opened one.

The ring was what he gave her when he proposed. Although the diamond looked a little small now, it could still attract countless women’s jealousy thirty years ago.

The emerald bracelet was her birthday gift, which he chose carefully.

Back then, he remembered her birthday, their anniversary, and all the Chapter 984 holidays lovers would celebrate.

2/3 But now, he was not even willing to remember her death anniversary.

Gregory took a deep breath and opened the second layer.

It was a stack of old photos that had turned yellow.

He took the photos with trembling hands, flipping through the stack.

Instantly, his eyes reddened, his ears buzzed, and tears welled up.

He remembered. Mary loved photography. She always held a small camera, taking a stroll in Tideview Manor while taking photos.

At that time, he did not know what she was photographing, but now he knew.

There was only one subject in Mary’s photographs-him.

On the back of the photos were words that she hid deep within her heart, unable to tell him. It was restrained, gentle, and lingering.

“I look at the sky at dawn and the clouds at dusk, but I’m always thinking of you.” “I don’t know when it started, but I can’t live without you now. Perhaps this was what the Bible meant, where a woman is made from a man’s ribs.” “Gregory, I hope my low-born status, unspeakable past, and clumsy love did not become a concern for you.” “I know that my love was nothing worth mentioning in your bright and shining life. But Gregory, this is all I could give you.” “I love you very much.”

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