The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 978

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 978-“But there is something more troublesome right now.” Yasmin sighed and felt guilty. “In the morning, Young Madam Carrie had gotten news of Linny’s funeral while watching TV…” Ryan’s heart skipped a beat. What he feared the most still happened.

“It was my negligence. I didn’t expect the news to be reported so soon since we had sealed the information before. However, these aren’t excuses. It’s still my mistake. Don’t reward me. I’d rather you punish me.” Yasmin was gloomy and willing to take responsibility .

“It’s not your fault, Yasmin. You took care of Carrie every day and handled business matters for me. You’ve already worked hard.” Ryan’s heart felt heavy, and his eyes were filled with worry. “How’s Carrie looking now?” “Young Madam Carrie… It’s not good. She kept crying non-stop.

Please come back quickly.” “Alright. I’m on my way.” Ending the call, Ryan thought about his wife crying at home n felt worried and afraid. His blood pressure soared, and he kic back of the driver’s seat.

“Driver faster! Do you still want to get paid?!” “Yes!” The driver stepped on the gas pedal and was scared stiff!

Ryan rushed home anxiously, immediately flying up the stairs to check on his wife without even taking the time to change his clothes.

“Mr. Hoffman.” Yasmin guarded the door and bowed to him.

“She’s inside?” Ryan’s heart raced.

“Yes. Young Madam Carrie refused to eat or drink, shutting herself inside.” Yasmin pursed her lips and felt distressed. “I didn’t dare to go in. You know that Young Madam Carrie needs you the most now.” Ryan pushed open the door lightly and walked in.

Although it was not daytime, the curtains were all closed, and the lights were switched off. The dim atmosphere felt suffocating.

“Honey? Honey?” Ryan searched the study, bedroom, changing room, and bathroom but could not find the person he was looking for.

He panicked, his shoulders trembling beneath his suit, and hi Ims were soaked in cold sweat!

“Carrie!? Carrie!” His voice brought Yasmin, who was guarding outside the d the room.

“Carrie is missing!” Ryan was at a loss.

“How could it be?!” Yasmin also started panicking. “I’ve been outside the door all the Chapter 978 time. Young Madam Carrie did not step out of the room!” Her words were like lightning that struck down on Ryan, causing his handsome face to turn pale. All kinds of terrifying scenes played out in his mind, and he could not take it anymore!

Gathering his courage, Ryan peered out the window with a forehead full of cold sweat.

There was nothing on the ground.

He let out a sigh of relief, and his hanging heart finally calmed down. However, he felt drained, his expensive suit drenched in sweat.

Yasmin knew what Ryan was afraid of. She felt the same way.

After all, Carried had mental issues. They were afraid she might do something extreme under such stimulation.

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