The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 971

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 971-Wilma sneered. “Some people came to mourn the dead. But you? You came to take advantage of the dead!” “Wilma! How dare you!” “Also, stop flattering yourself. Those who were kind to me were the former Mrs.

Salvador and Mr. Salvador. The Salvador family didn’t treat me well; it was only Mr. Salvador. It has nothing to do with you!” Wilma got angrier as she spoke and spat at Shannon.

Goodness! A maid going against the madam? It was unheard of!

How stimulating!

“She’s right. A funeral caused by an accidental death should be handled in a low-profile manner. Ms. Bella and Mr. Salvador are people with high status, yet they did not invite even one reporter. It’s evident that they genuinely wanted to send the dead off and not tr use the funeral to build their reputation.” “Yeah! A wealthy madam like Mrs. Shannon, who loves to be in the spotlight, could be said to be the first in Savrow.” “The maid is right. Isn’t Shannon trying to exploit the dead for publicity?” Seeing that the tides had changed, Shannon was so mad that she was about to explode, but she could not throw a tantrum in front of so many people.

Therefore, she could only play the victim until the end.

Chapter 971 2/3 “You… How could you judge my genuine intentions with your evil suspicions?” Shannon clutched her chest with a pale face, trembling as if she would collapse at any time. She directed the accusation at Bella. “Ms.

Bella, when you haven’t divorced Justin, we already don’t have a harmonious relationship. I admit that we had some grudges in private. But times have changed. You and Justin have divorced now, and everything was in the past! Why do you still try to take any opportunity to take revenge on me, refusing to let me go?!” Seeing this vindictive woman bring up the divorce again, Bella’s face turned as cold as ice.

Justin felt a fire burning in his heart. The veins on his forehead bulged.

Shannon’s gaze shone with a malicious light as she sobbed, “You knew Justin loved Rosalind and that their mutual affection was hindered only by Old Master Nigel. But even so, you still married Justin without thinking about the consequences! Love can’t be forced. Your marriage was destined to end in divorce, yet you insi on blaming it on me. Isn’t that too much?” Shannon’s words made up a story out of nothing, combining some truth and lies and shifting the focus.

What a strategic move!

The crowd was stunned.. They were getting so many revelations today!

Was Shannon wrongly accused? Was Bella really resorting to all means to get revenge on her?

Chapter 971 3/3 Axel and Ralph could not take it anymore. Even Drew, standing in a corner, was prepared to draw out a poisonous needle and fling it at that evil woman, making her mute.

“Asher! I’ll get someone to chase these reporters out now. We can’t continue like this. Bella and Justin’s matter will go viral!” Axel was about to leave when Asher grabbed him. “Axel, no.” “Why?!” Axel and Ralph could not understand.

“It’s too late now. Some reporters are probably livestreaming this. If we chase them away, it would look like we are guilty, falling into Shannon’s trap. We’ll be disadvantaged.” Asher took a deep breath as his brows furrowed. “Every word of hers was a trap meant for Bella. If we didn’t handle it properly, we would be admitting that she was telling the truth.” Axel and Ralph’s fists clenched in anger. They were even considering giving up their careers as police and public prosecutors to rush and beat up Shannon.

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