The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 964

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 964-Since Steven was still in the hospital recovering from his injuries, lan came to pick Justin and Bella up.

Sitting in the back seat; Justin took a deep breath and took Bella’s chilly hand.

Instead of pulling her hand away, she let him entwine their fingers, reveling in his warmth.

“Ryan insisted on coming along, but I didn’t let him,” Justin said huskily.

7 153 understand where you’re coming from. Ryan spends all his time with Carrie now. Carrie will be upset if she finds out.” ま Bella sighed. “Linny had taken care of Carrie for a while. They are more than just an employer and an employee. They are friends.” She choked with sobs.

“Don’t cry, Bella.” With his heart breaking, Justin raised his muscular arm and hoo around the woman’s shuddering shoulders. He pulled her into his arms. “If Linny could see us now, she wouldn’t want us to be sad.

would want to see the beautiful, amazing, and strong heiress of KS Group. Don’t let her down. Don’t let the wicked see our weakness Bella rested her head against his chest and nodded solemnly, her strength renewed.

Chapter 964 :

2/4 The Thompsons spared no expense on Linny’s funeral, offering the very best in everything as a final act of respect.

A multitude of wreaths were laid for Linny, tributes from industry heavyweight’s like the Thompsons, Salvadors, and Hoffmans, whose influence extended beyond Savrow to the entire nation.

Christopher’s wreath arrived before his person and was placed in a rather conspicuous position.

“Iverson sure is cunning.” Standing at the door, Axel looked at the wreath from the Iversons and taunted, “The wreath is hard to miss. People might think it’s a funeral for the Iversons.

“Get someone to move the wreath to the back. It’s blocking ours.” Asher patted his shoulder and shook his head. “Just leave it. Even if the oversized wreath is intentional, at least they mean well. Don’t make us look petty.” Today, Asher, Axel, Ralph, and Drew were present at the funeral. Eve Steven was in attendance, wheeled in by Amelia.

When Amelia found out about Steven’s injuries, she rushed to the hospital and cried all over him.

She took a leave of absence from school and stayed by Steven’s side, caring for him, feeding him, cleaning him, and taking him to the bathroom. She acted like a devoted wife.

Chapter 964 3/4 Thanks to Amelia’s care, Steven was on the mend. He still needed to rely on a cane or a wheelchair to move around, though.

“Why are you here, Steve?” Asher drew close to him. “You need rest. Bella will get angry if she catches you running around.” Steven’s eyes filled with sadness. “Linny is Ms. Bella’s savior, and that speaks a lot to me. I should attend her funeral even if I have to

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