The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 962

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 962-Otherwise, Christopher might just lose control of himself and fire away at Justin in front of Bella.

“M-Mr. Iverson, if I may.” Taylor put away the injection and wiped his sweat. “You should stay away from this stuff. It can give you a momentary kick and take the pain away, but it’s a prohibited substance. The drug hasn’t been through clinical trials in Meridan, so the side effects are still unknown.” “I know. This is the last time.

Christopher closed his eyes and breathed out. “The drug dealer shouldn’t be controlled by drugs.” His obsession was not the drugs, but Bella.

“Send these photos to Wyatt anonymously.” Christopher let out a smile, wicked and unhinged. “Wyatt loves daughter too much to let history repeat itself.” “Of course, Mr. Iverson.” As Taylor excused himself, Christopher said, “What’s the date today?

“March 6, sir.” Christopher narrowed his eyes, a glint flickering in the dark.

“March 6, Grant…” Chapter 962 The phone in his pocket rang.

2/3 That night, Bella was so understanding as not to bother Justin after dinner together. She retreated to her room for a rest.

Justin stared at the black suit on the sofa that lan had delivered for tomorrow’s funeral while making calls to Ryan and his men about the trip to Terranova.

“Did Asher send anybody?” “No update as of yet, but Asher would’ve known what I knew. He hasn’t made any arrangements.

With downcast eyes, Justin nodded. “Okay. I’ll catch Winston before him.” “It doesn’t matter who makes the arrest. You don’t always have to win, Justin.” Ryan wanted to roll his eyes. Justin could not stand defeat.

Justin’s competitiveness extended to the point where he even trie outdo Bella. He must regret it now, considering he nearly lost his w “Bella has everything. I have nothing to give to her.” Justin looked down in dejection, the air thick with a feeling of worthlessness. “The only thing she wants now is revenge, so I’m going to make that happen no matter the cost.” “Sigh. Fine. Don’t worry, Justin. Once you arrive at Terranova, my people will ensure your safety,” Ryan promised.

Chapter 962 3/3 “Don’t worry about me. I was in the army. Just protect yourself.” Justin paused and murmured, “Carrie will be sad if anything happens to you. She has never been loved before. Nothing was ever truly hers.

“You should know how much you mean to her.” Ryan gasped before exclaiming with thrill, “Justin! Are you acknowledging me as your brother-in-law?” Justin pulled the phone away from his ear and frowned. “Can you pipe down?” “We’re a family, my dear brother-in-law,” Ryan shouted excitedly.

Justin had goosebumps. “Drop that mushiness.” “I’m going to ask your father for her hand-in-marriage when I get back from Terranova. You better help me.” Ryan’s voice trembled with emotion.

“You’re the heir of the Hoffman family. Gregory has no reason to refuse the marriage. Shannon should…” Justin sneered, “It doesn’t matter what she thinks. She only cares about power and wealth. Who needs her approval for the marriage?

“Hmph! You have a point.” “That reminds me. Get me a gun.”

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