The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 958

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 958-Though they had done everything that couples were supposed to do, Justin could tell that Bella had yet to fully accept him. Without his initiative, they would not be able to achieve the intimate interactions between normal couples.

Despite her hugs, kisses, and even physical intimacy, only a small part of her heart was opened up to him.

Justin secretly clenched his fist and strengthened his determination.

He gave himself a pep talk.

‘It’s okay. Take it slow. Everything’s getting better, isn’t it?’ “Wow! Look over there! That couple is so eye-catching! The girl is so beautiful, and the guy is so handsome! Are they models or celebrities?” Some passersby gossiped excitedly about them.

“They’re all covered up… How can you tell they’re good-looking?” “Based on their style, behavior, and physical features, I’m certain they must be exceptional!” “It’s hard to say. Maybe the girl only looks stunning from the back, and the guy is a shrimp.” Every word of these remarks was overheard by the couple, Bella clenched her teeth, restraining the urge to approach them and remove her mask and hat. She longed to confront them with her beautiful face and teach them a lesson!

“Bella, what do they mean by shrimp?” Justin questioned as he blinked innocently.

“When you eat shrimp, what part do you not eat?” Bella asked with her hands on her hips.

“The head.” “Exactly! It means you’re like a guy who is only appealing once the head is taken off. In other words, ugly!” “Bella, you’re so smart.” Justin nodded as if enlightened, feeling like he learned something new every day by following her.

Her mind was always coming up with endless ideas and new thoughts. Sometimes he really wanted to crack open her skull and see what miraculous structure lay within her brain.

At this moment, those two people start gossiping again.

“It’s such a waste for such a handsome guy to have a girlfriend. Wh is heaven so unfair?” ‘Damn it! If you don’t know how to use idioms, you don’t have to use them!’ Bella clenched her fists upon hearing this. How could she be a waste for Justin? Clearly, Justin was getting the better deal!

“How can you tell that they’re a couple? Look at them, keeping their distance the whole time. There is no intimate contact or chemistry at all! I think they’re probably siblings. Don’t they look alike at first glance?” “Couples start to resemble each other after a while. Haven’t you heard of that?” Justin’s brow furrowed upon hearing this. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he felt a wave of anger surging within him.

“Alright, let’s go. Wilma is still waiting for us to cook our meal,” Bella urged him, about to move forward.

Suddenly, she felt a tight grip on her wrist. In the next moment, her delicate body was forcefully pulled by a domineering force, and she found herself crashing into Justin’s solid chest.

Before Bella could react, Justin’s scorching hand slid down, firmly gripping her waist. His palm was restlessly caressing her.

With a surprised expression on her face, Bella’s beautiful lips shimmered as Justin’s warm lips pressed against hers, deeply kissing her trembling lips as if no one else were around.

The onlookers let out astonished cries.

Wasn’t it a sight for sore eyes? Even though they were both wearing masks, who wouldn’t sigh in admiration at this kiss? It was so romantic!

Through the thin fabric of the mask, Bella could still clearly feel th beautiful shape of Justin’s lips, the heat, and his intense affection Her fists on his shoulders involuntarily loosen, gradually turning from resistance to acceptance. Her stiff and nervous spine slowly relaxes, melting into his palms.

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