The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 951

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 951-Bella looked down and gently moved his hand aside.

“Perhaps it would be best to open the door first,” Bella said as she walked past him.

Justin could sense that she was in a bad mood, as if she harbored some resentment toward him.

Bella hurried to the entrance and opened the door.

“Wilma!” “Young Madam!” Wilma called out, immediately dropping the package in her hand and giving Bella a big hug.

“Oh gosh! Young Madam, I’ve missed you so much!” Wilma said this tearfully. She was in her fifties, yet she sobbed uncontrollably like a child.

“I missed you too. Seeing you in good health makes me feel relieved,” Bella said as she comforted Wilma with tears in her eyes.

Justin followed behind and was surprised to see Wilma at the door.

He realized that it was Bella who had invited her over.

“Wilma, Mr. Salvador hasn’t been feeling well lately. With my busy schedule, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of him. That’s why I’ve reached out to you for help,” Bella explained gently.

“I would be more than happy to help! Seeing Young Madam willing to take care of Young Master like this….” Wilma spoke as tears started to well up again.

Wilma never imagined that she would witness the young master and young madam being together once again!

This brought her immense joy.

As Justin listened, a heavy weight settled in his chest. Bella was an incredibly independent person, never one to burden others with her troubles. He knew this better than anyone.

Yet she had asked Wilma to come here, all the way from Tideview Manor. There could only be one reason-she no longer wanted to be alone with him.

Unwilling to bear his presence yet unable to send him away, Bella could only reach out to someone whom they were both familiar with to avoid the awkwardness of being alone together.

As this realization dawned on him, Justin clenched his hands tightly and felt a growing weight in his chest. It was difficult for him to accept what was happening.

Only last night, they had been wrapped in each other’s embrace, sharing intimate moments. Yet now, it seems as though none of that happened.

This emotion was really getting to him, almost making it hard for him to breathe.

Wilma had just arrived and wasted no time diving into action. Even though it was late, she insisted on doing the chores, brushing off any attempts to stop her. She buzzed around like a bee, tirelessly attending to one task after another.

Chapter 951 After dinner, Bella intended to clean the dishes, but Justin stopped her and insisted on doing it himself.

Wilma hurriedly intervened. “Young Master Justin, are you joking?

You’ve never done such strenuous work! Stop it, let me do it!” “It’s fine. I used to wash the dishes when I was younger,” Justin said casually as he put on the gloves.

His words were unintentional, but Bella was deeply affected by them. She realized she knew very little about his childhood, despite always being by his side.

Justin and Wilma stayed in the kitchen, while Bella returned to her room alone. It was obvious she was avoiding any interaction with Justin.

Seeing Bella’s reaction, Justin felt breathless and weak. Love made him feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty.

“Young Master Justin, let me do it. You look so pale,” Wilma said as she took the plate from his hands, her expression full of concern.

“Wilma, could you go upstairs later and have a conversation with Bella?” “What’s the matter? Have you two made up only to have another falling out?” Wilma felt sorry for Justin as she noticed his distressed and lost expression.

“Wilma, it seems like I just can’t understand Bella, no matter how hard I try. It’s difficult for me to connect with her.” Chapter 451 Justin let out a deep sigh, clearly upset. “I hope that you can talk with Bella. When we were at Tideview Manor, she was closest to you. Perhaps she will feel more comfortable opening up to you and sharing things that she’s keeping from me.”

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