The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 940

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 940-Bella dismissively waved her hand, well aware of Justin’s occasional stubbornness and that he might actually do it. “I’m just kidding, Mr. Salvador. Don’t take it so seriously. You don’t have to eat it.” “I didn’t realize cooking was so challenging. I used to think it was simple when I was watching Wilma cook. But when I tried it myself, I realized it’s a skill barrier I can’t overcome.” Justin looked at the chaotic mess he had made of the stove, feeling guilty. “I was thinking about how you cooked for me in the past. That must’ve been quite exhausting and required a lot of thought on your part.” Bella blinked, her heart filled with mixed emotions.

“Initially… I wanted you to wake up to the breakfast I prepared, but it seems I’ll have to ask lan to bring something instead.” Justin furrowed his brows lightly as he smiled awkwardly. “Bella, I’m sorry. Please give me some more time to practice. I’ll do better.” Bella saw through his thoughts at first glance.

Throughout the three years of their marriage, this man has never set foot in the kitchen. Wilma also mentioned that it was not because of her that he did not want to spend time in the kitchen. He just disliked the smell of kitchen fumes.

This particular scent always brought Justin back to his childhood days in the slums, when he and his mother lived next to greasy diners. From dawn to dusk, lying in bed, he could always smell the smoky, oily odor lingering in the air. No matter how hard he tried to wash the scent off their clothes, that greasy smell never seemed to fade away.

Now, Justin was willing to cook for her and engage in tasks he had never attempted before.

He held her in high regard, ready to disregard all boundaries and principles for her.

Bella felt a warm surge in her chest as she gently pushed away the dazed Justin standing before her.

“Alright, please stop making a mess in my kitchen. I’ll handle it.” Suddenly, Bella could not help but cough heavily. Inhaling some kitchen fumes had triggered her sensitivity to smoke again.

Bella thought, ‘This fool! Does he not know how to switch on the range hood?!’ “Bella, what’s wrong? Did you catch a cold?” Justin’s concern resurfaced.

Bella covered her mouth and nose. “It’s nothing. I’m just a little sensitive to smoke. Just open the windows and let some fresh air in. I’ll be fine.” ‘Sensitive to smoke… She has an allergy?’ Justin’s dark eyes widened with shock.

‘When did she develop this condition? Or has she always had it, and I just never knew about it? So, for the past three years, when she cooked for me and the entire Salvador family, was she enduring the pain of her allergies all along?’ Chapter 940 Bella had just picked up the spatula when Justin tightly wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Hey, how am I going to cook like this?” “Stop cooking. You don’t have to do it ever again.” Justin buried his face in her neck, his breath heavy, and his eyes reddened with emotion! “I’ll handle it from now on. I’ll learn to make whatever you want to eat.” “Forget it. You’re not a culinary prodigy. I can’t count on you.” Suddenly, Bella’s eyes narrowed slightly, embarrassed as she tightly pursed her lips, realizing she may have spoken too bluntly.

Why did she say that? It sounded like they were already an old married couple.

It was as if she had assumed they would definitely be living the rest of their lives together.

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