The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 935

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 935-At this moment, for the first time in his life, Justin felt the urge to show off. He wanted to take a picture and send it to Ryan.

Ryan should know that he was not the only one who could come to Bella’s house. Look, he also made it!

“Justin, what are you looking around at?” Bella glanced at him in surprise. “Do you know you look like a thief just now?” “Sorry.” Justin quickly retracted his gaze, feeling that he had lost his composure.

“Except for the last room on the left side of the second floor, you can choose any other room to stay in. I have some ingredients left by Steven in the fridge, so you can make yourself some food. I don’t have a cook here,” Bella said casually and went upstairs.

“Why can’t I enter that room?” Justin asked foolishly.

“Because that’s my bedroom.” Bella suddenly halted. She turned around and looked at Justin with a sneer. “Rest assured, I don’t have any secrets that can’t be seen or any lovers I can’t forget. If you want to visit my bedroom, you can do so now.” For some reason, she was being sarcastic.

When she thought about those old photos of Rosalind, still carefully treasured in the study until now, she felt an unavoidable sense of pain in her heart.

It was because Bella still cared about Justin. She could not resist bringing it up whenever she had a chance to imitate him.

She was merely a mortal, not a saint, Could she not hold a grudge and throw a small tantrum?

“Bella…” Justin’s eyes glittered with tears. He knew Bella was still upset about what happened at the villa, However, a flame of hope had rekindled in his heart. If Bella truly did not love him anymore and was only together with him for revenge, there was no need for her to mention this.

If she brought it up, it meant she cared about his past and him.

“Suit yourself. I’ll go up first.” Bella’s voice became noticeably deep and hoarse. “I hope you adjust your mindset soon. Our revenge is about to begin.” “Bella, I’ve sold that villa and got rid of everything inside except for my mother’s photos.” Justin felt as if a heavy rock pressed on his chest, almost suffocating him.

Bella looked indifferent. “It has nothing to do with me. Those are your personal belongings, and you can handle them as you see fit.” “I know their existence has hurt you.

“That’s because you wanted them to exist. You’re hesitant to get rid of them.” Bella chuckled, sounding a little relieved.

“I’ve completely forgotten about it. I’ve asked lan to sell the villa long ago, but he never got around to it.” Justin knew his explanation was futile, but he still felt bitter and tried to explain with reddened eyes. “I was drugged that night and only semi -conscious. I don’t remember anything that happened at all. Ryan didn’t want me to stay in a hotel in that state, and he couldn’t send me back to Tideview Manor. He only knew about that villa, so he sent me there without asking…..” “Justin, I’ve said that it’s your business and has nothing to do with me.” Bella closed her eyes and raised her hand, gesturing for Justin to stop. “I’m tired.” “How does it have nothing to do with you? Don’t you resent me for it?” Justin sweated in anxiousness, breathing heavily.

“It’s not the only thing I resent about you.” Justin felt a sting in his heart, and he clenched his fists.

“But now, I think there’s nothing to resent you for. It’s all in the past.” Bella turned around slowly and spoke in a casual tone, not realizing that her eyes had turned red. “Justin, let’s look forward. Even the most heart-breaking emotional entanglements are not worth mentioning in the face of hatred. It will only affect our progress.”

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