The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 929

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 929-Bella stopped teasing Ralph and put on a serious expression. “Ralph, is the phone repaired?” “It’s quite challenging to repair it, but our colleagues in the technical department are all professionals.” Ralph turned to look at Justin. “Mr. Salvador, we’ll need you to stay behind for a statement later.” “Sure. I came to cooperate with the police.” Justin’s calm eyes glinted, and his gaze fell on Bella’s face, unable to look away.

Bella felt his intense gaze. She pursed her lips, intentionally ignoring his heated stare.

The three walked into the police station. Although it was already nighttime, the presence of Bella and Justin walking in together still attracted astonished looks from the officers.

What a perfect pair! Such a match was rare, and it would be a crime for them not to get married.

In the interrogation room, Ralph handed Linny’s repaired phone to them.

Bella’s eyelashes fluttered as she slowly took the phone, which had a shattered screen.

The screen lit up and showed a photo of Linny with her grandmother back in her hometown. She carried a cute little dog in her arms and smiled cheerfully.

Instantly, Bella felt her head buzz. Pain spread from her heart to her whole body, so excruciating that she trembled and covered her ears.

Her eyes shut tightly, but she could not stop the tears from falling.

“Bella! Are you alright? Do you want to rest first?” Ralph knew that Bella had not yet emerged from the psychological trauma. When she saw the lock screen, she must have recalled what happened that night. It was quite a blow.

He quickly stood up and walked around the table, intending to comfort Bella.

At this moment, he saw Justin suddenly turn around and embrace Bella. Justin gently placed his large hands on the back of her neck and carefully guided her forehead to rest on his broad shoulder.

“Breathe in. Listen to me and take a deep breath…” He spoke softly into her ear, guiding her with a soothing voice wh patting her shivering back with his warm palms.

Bella closed her eyes tightly and clenched her fists. She leaned against Justin’s chest and sobbed, which was heartbreaking to witness.

Ralph observed their interaction without intervening, only letting out a soft sigh.

He had to say that if Justin was not around, he would not know how to calm Bella down..

Their fate was truly an entangled mess.

However, if Justin’s method could make his sister feel better, he would take it and give that rascal a chance.

After a while, Bella gradually steadied her emotions. Seeing that she was leaning against Justin, she panicked and hurriedly pushed him away.

Justin was startled, and he blinked.

“Thank you.” Bella did not dare to look at him. She murmured in a muffled voice.

“You’re welcome,” Justin replied softly.

Bella noticed that a patch on Justin’s suit had become wet from her tears and felt a pang of guilt. She quickly wiped his suit with her hands.

Justin was amused and exasperated.

“Um… Give me your suit jacket before you leave later. I’ll find someone to dry clean it and send it to you.” “Why should you wash it?” Justin’s smile was like a warm ray of sunlight, shining into her heart. “You don’t need to. I like this.”

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