The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 922

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 922-Drew thought, ‘Holy fuck! Did I hear it right? What did this rascal call me?!’ Justin pursed his lips, his jaws tightening.

For some reason, Justin felt a wave of shame wash over him, feeling utterly embarrassed. Throughout his thirty years of life, he had never sucked up to someone else like this!

Justin felt like he was kissing Drew’s ass.

If Ryan got hold of this, he would probably laugh at Justin for the rest of his life.

The air suddenly turned awkward.

At this moment, Drew’s phone rang, breaking the unbearable awkward silence.

Drew answered the phone. “What is it?” The bodyguard reported, “Mr. Drew, Christopher Iverson wants to meet Ms. Bella. We stopped him as per your instructions.” “Good job! I’ll reward you guys generously later.” “Thank you, Mr. Drew! How generous of you! We will guard this place tightly and not let him in.” After hanging up, Drew curled his lips into a wicked smile. “Hey, let’s go.” “Where?” Justin was confused.

“Since you called me brother, I’ll help you vent your anger. How about that?” In the hall outside Bella’s ward, Christopher, who had just rushed over upon hearing the news, was blocked by the Thompson family’s bodyguards. He did not expect such treatment.

Even though Bella had rejected his confession not long ago, Christopher still had Wyatt on his side.

After their talk, Wyatt saw him in a new light and treated him like a godson. How dare the bodyguards stop him?!

“Let me in.” Christopher adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses as a sharp light flashed across his eyes.

The bodyguard’s attitude was firm. “Sorry, Mr. Iverson, but you can’t go in.” Another bodyguard echoed, “We are just following orders. Please don’t make things difficult for us.” “What did you say?” Christopher gritted his teeth as his gaze turned dark. “You should know of my relationship with Chairman Thompson. Aren’t you afraid that Chairman Thompson will make things hard for you if you stop me from going in?” “Oh my! Who’s using Wyatt’s name to pressure us? How audacious!” The familiar voice, laced with mockery, made Christopher’s heart tighten.

Never in a million years would Christopher expect to see Justin with Drew!

“Mr. Christopher, why is Justin here?!” Taylor, who was standing behind Christopher, was also shocked.

Justin stared at Christopher’s nervous face expressionlessly, his eyes hostile.

“Oh, I was wondering who it was. It turns out that it’s you, Mr. Iverson.” Drew raised his chin slightly, looking nonchalant. “From the way you were talking just now, I thought that my unreliable father had an illegitimate son coming to look for him.”

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