The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 90

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 90-Jason thought that he had given Anna the dignity of being a CEO’s wife. He had no feelings for Anna, but she was well-dressed, well-fed, and waited on by the servants. She did not suffer at all, and he even got her a supplementary credit card. He was never stingy with money.

Although Anna had not spent a cent on that card in the past three years, she still lived a life that was a thousand times better than when she was working as a caregiver in a nursing home.

Why would she say that? It sounded as if she had been abused at his house.

Justin became angrier as he thought about it. His eyes were slightly red, and he clenched his jaw.

“Pft! You’re just being stubborn. Since you are the manager here, I won’t play nice. Your hotel must give me an explanation for this today. Or compensate me with an identical necklace. It’s not that expensive-only $2 million. You can also send this thieving housekeeper to prison. You, as the manager, can’t shirk responsibility either. You must bow and apologize to me in front of everyone. Money is not the problem here. The main thing is that I won’t endure this.” Bethany flipped her wavy hair and rolled her eyes.

Bethany would not recognize Anna as her ex-sister-in-law in front of so many people because she found it embarrassing.

Moreover, this was a rare opportunity to get back at the bumpkin. Anna was in the limelight at the charity auction last time. Now, Anna was no longer recognized as Mr. Thompson’s lover and was only a lowly part-time worker. Bethany was adamant about crushing her.

“Mr. Salvador, the young madam is being bullied again!” Ian usually disliked Bethany’s attitude and was extremely worried about Anna.

“Hold on.” Justin narrowed his eyes slightly. He was curious about his ex-wife.

He had never seen Anna in the workplace. In his memory, Anna was just a humble housewife.

Hotels were in the service industry, which was not easy to manage. Justin wanted to see if Anna could resolve Bethany’s problem after Asher made her a hotel manager.

“Ms. Salvador, since your necklace is worth $2 million, you can file a police report and open an investigation. If you want to recover your losses, we can help you call the police. After all, the sooner you call the police, the sooner your necklace will be found. Moreover, all employees in this hotel, including myself, will cooperate with the police investigation. We will surrender all surveillance footage and employees’ personal belongings for inspection as long as they have a search warrant.” Bella’s tone was calm.

The crowd started to whisper.

“That makes sense! She should make a police report immediately! What’s the point of making a scene here?” “I think she misplaced it and just wanted someone to take the blame!” Bethany was so angry that her face was flushed. “What’s the use of a search warrant? This thief must have moved it!” “I’m not a thief! I didn’t steal anything from you!” The housekeeper’s eyes turned red with anger, and her whole body was trembling.

“Except for the bathrooms, showers, and staff locker rooms, all areas of our hotel have high- definition surveillance cameras. After the incident, I immediately stopped all the employees in the housekeeping department from leaving. If someone stole your necklace, it should still be in the hotel.

There would be no time for them to move it elsewhere.” Bella took out her phone and waved it in front of Bethany. “When I rushed over just now, I had already called the police. They should arrive in about ten minutes. As for the apology you demand, I will not hesitate to do so once the matter has been resolved.” Bella’s explanation was foolproof.

“Young Madam is so amazing! She handled this like a professional!” Ian could not help but compliment Bella in awe. He was Bella’s number-one fan.

Justin glared at Ian, but his heart moved.

He had to admit that Anna dealt with the incident decisively. She remained calm, witty, assertive, and graceful. She looked like a lady boss and nothing like the lowly and timid housewife trapped in his small manor.

“Fine! You said so yourself. I didn’t force you!” Bethany gritted her teeth.

“Of course. I am the manager of the hotel, so I should be responsible for my guests. But that is under the condition that we are indeed at fault.” Bella was smiling, but it did not reach her bright eyes.

At this time, Steven led the housekeeping manager over in a hurry. He held a plastic bag carefully, as if he were handling a piece of police evidence.

“We found Ms. Salvador’s necklace!”

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