The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 88

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 88-“I asked him not to contact you again, and I spoke quite harshly. I’m not sure how he’ll take it.” “Well done! I’m a goddess, so I won’t let ordinary people like him interact with me. I’m the woman of KS Group’s president!” “Right. You’re the only woman that every man in the Thompson family pampers.” Asher’s charming eyes arched as he smiled and patted his little sister’s shoulder. He looked at her dotingly.

“Ash, give me your phone.” Bella beckoned.

Asher did not know what she wanted to do, but he still gave her his phone. “The password is your birthday.” “I know.” Bella opened the contact list and decisively blocked Justin’s phone number.

“Good job.” Asher smiled lightly.

“We must nip this in the bud. If we don’t, that bastard will push his luck.” Bella’s eyes turned cold when she mentioned her ex-husband.

Justin had been restless and had no appetite for the past few days.

That was because he had completely lost contact with his ex-wife.

Nigel began to bombard Justin with phone calls every day, demanding that he find Anna. The octogenarian old man was more difficult to deal with than a clingy young woman in love.

“Mr. Salvador, why don’t we make a missing person’s report?” Ian was racking his brains to come up with ideas. “You and the young madam have yet to finalize the divorce, so you are still legally married. It’s only natural for you to find your wife’s whereabouts. I don’t believe that the young madam will stay hidden for long.” “What kind of stupid idea is that?” Justin glanced at him angrily.

“Then what do you think we should do? The young madam just dropped off the grid. She has no phone number and no friends. Her only contact person is Mr. Thompson, who won’t answer your calls anymore…” Justin narrowed his alluring eyes and shot daggers at his brainless secretary. Justin really wanted to kill this man.

Last night, Justin tried to call Asher again, but he found that Asher had blocked him.

This was the first time in his life that Justin was blocked. It felt as if he had been thrown into outer space. He floated aimlessly through the abyss with a muddled mind and could not recover for ten minutes.

The feeling of defeat and humiliation tugged at his heart.

Justin suddenly stood up, picked up his suit jacket, put it on, and strode out the door.

“Get the car ready. Let’s go to KS World Hotel!” Bella immediately got back to work after returning from Hatchbay.

In the past few days, Steven had been the one leading the high-level meetings and presiding over the important events. When he saw Bella, he smiled radiantly and finally settled his longing heart.

Recently, the hotel’s occupancy rate increased by 20%. Although it was not a shocking increase, it was still a small achievement.

In addition, Bella had the hotel’s culinary scene revamped. She recently held a Food Week event, so a lot of guests specifically came to dine at the hotel. Their daily income from catering alone was a considerable sum.

However, Bella was not satisfied with this achievement alone.

She was an ambitious woman who was raised by Wyatt. She wanted to make the KS World Hotel bigger and better, surpassing all of Salvador Corporation’s hotels.

In marriage, she was a complete loser.

But in the business world, she must not lose to Justin.

“I heard that someone stayed in the presidential suite in our hotel that no one has stayed in for two years last night.” Bella asked casually while reading the financial report.

“Who do you think booked that room?” Steven walked around behind Bella and massaged her shoulders skillfully.

“Is it Ryan again?” “It’s Bethany Salvador.” Bella raised her eyebrows slightly. “Huh? Why does she need such a big room? Is she doing somersaults?” “I heard from the housekeeper that she’s hosting a party with three other girls. In the middle of the night, two tall and muscular male models sneaked in and stayed over. Fortunately, our hotel has good sound insulation. The two male models left the presidential suite around 5:00 p.m., probably to avoid suspicion.” “Bethany has always liked to have fun. But is it enough for three girls to hire two gigolos?” Bella clicked her tongue and said in a rather disgusted tone, “Once they’ve checked out, be sure to ask the housekeeper to clean and disinfect the room thoroughly. Don’t reuse the bed sheets and quilts. Just throw them away. I’m afraid that the other guests will get STDs.” At this moment, Steven’s phone rang. It was a call from a supervisor.

He picked up and listened for a while, then his face darkened.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked, sensing that something was wrong.

“Ms. Bella, Bethany is making trouble in the lobby. She insists that our hotel staff stole her things, and she wants us to give her an explanation immediately.”

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