The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 870

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 870-Bella thought of how Rosalind once provoked her, saying that the villa was a gift from Justin and their love nest.

Was it true?

Bella’s heart tightened, and she felt as if it was ruthlessly crushed by an invisible hand. She felt unable to breathe.

She walked back to Justin’s room with heavy footsteps, preparing to leave after getting dressed.

The side hall was silent, and opposite his bedroom was the study.

In a daze, Bella somehow walked into the study and saw a bookshelf filled with photo frames.

Bella pursed her lips and walked to the photo frames, picking one up randomly. The photo depicted a boy with delicate features but melancholy expression. Bella recognized him as a young Jus The woman, sitting on a vintage sofa while hugging the boy stunningly beautiful face. Her eyes were enchanting.

Bella blinked. She guessed this was Justin’s biological mother, h former mother-in-law, whom she had never met.

“So beautiful…” She could not help exclaiming.

Bella had to admit that even though Wyatt’s three wives had their own unique charms, the three of them combined could not compare to Justin’s mother. Only Bella’s biological mother could rival Justin’s mother.

Indeed, men are trash. They did not know how to cherish what they had. Justin’s mother was a thousand times more beautiful than Shannon, but Gregory still had an affair. How ridiculous!

Bella looked at several more frames. They were either photos of Justin and his mother or portraits of his mother.

When she wanted to leave the study, she saw a familiar face.


It was Rosalind.

Bella’s fingers trembled as she picked up one of the photo frames, a picture of Rosalind and Justin during their teenage years.

They wore the same school uniform. Rosalind had a bright smile as she slightly leaned her head on Justin’s broad shoulders. They looked like a perfect match and were also childhood sweethearts.

Bella instantly felt herself plunging into the deep end, surrou cold, her shoulders slightly trembling.

She thought that Rosalind was in the past. She would never be hu that woman again.

However, when she saw this picture, she still felt herself spiraling into a tunnel of pain, so helpless that she could not save herself.

One should not have encountered such stunning people who shone too brightly in their youth.

It was the same for her and Justin.

At this moment, she heard the door open behind her.

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