The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 85

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 85-Bella raised her eyelids and looked at the handsome man with tears in her almond-shaped eyes.

The man strode forward and got on one knee in front of her. He raised his handsome and chiseled face to look at her affectionately.

“I heard that you want to disown me.” He smiled devilishly and dotingly.

“Drew…” Bella pursed her red lips and spoke in a soft voice.

“Phew! At least you’re still willing to call my name. I’m relieved.” Drew Brown was Wyatt Thompson’s fourth son. He was dark and aloof, but in front of Bella, his eyes always lit up with joy.

He wrapped a strong arm around his sister’s slim waist and reached into the pocket of his windbreaker. He took out a piece of chocolate, tore open the wrapping paper with his teeth, and fed it to Bella.

“It’s a specialty from Ankora, your favorite. Try it.” “Drew!” Bella leaned against Drew’s broad chest and felt a surge of emotions rising. Tears filled her eyes and soaked the man’s black shirt.

The reason for these tears was complicated-finally being reunited with her fourth brother after so long, guilt about breaking the bracelet Nigel gave her, hatred toward Rosalind, and sadness for not being able to make another jade bracelet.

Her tears were also partly due to the disappointment and heartache she felt toward Justin.

“Bella? Are you crying?” Drew was startled, and he quietly stroked the back of her neck.

“No…” Bella muttered.

“My shirt is soaked with your tears, yet you’re still denying it?” “I said no!” Bella’s voice cracked, but she was still very stubborn and refused to admit that she cried.

Drew knew that his little sister had strong self-esteem and had cried only a handful of times since she was a child, so he did not expose her. He quietly held her and coaxed her, all the while feeling distressed.

He thought, ‘Bella, I’m back. I’ll kill that bastard Justin Salvador!’ by At this moment, Asher and Axel stood side by side outside the door, looking at the loving brother and sister.

Axel gritted his teeth in jealousy. “Damn it! This punk snaked his way back again! Why doesn’t Bella ever cry like this with me? This punk comes back once in a blue moon and just steals her away from us. What right does he have?!” “The helicopter landed in Meteor Atelier, causing quite significant damage to the floor tiles and trees. In Meteor Garden.” Asher lowered his eyes slightly, sighed, and shook his head. “I’ll tell Drew later that the landscaping and renovation costs will also be charged to his account.” Bella struggled until dawn and finally made a satisfactory bracelet. She fell asleep on the pile of stones without knowing it.

Tony picked out a good room for Bella to rest in. Drew carried his sister’s soft body on the bed under Axel’s watchful gaze.

After covering his sister with a quilt and kissing her cheek, Drew exited the room with satisfaction and closed the door.

“You’re such a miser. You fly all over the world, but I don’t see you bringing anything nice to our baby sister. You just brought her a piece of chocolate! Cheapo.” Axel mocked Drew and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Ax, will you stop assuming shit?” Drew glanced at him.

“You’d better show me some respect!” Axel glared at him.

“No way in hell!” “Fuck you!” Axel was so angry that he raised a long leg to kick Drew.

As it turned out, Axel was no match for a top secret agent. Drew moved his body slightly to dodge the kick perfectly. Axel lost his balance and almost ripped his pants. How embarrassing!

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