The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 830

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 830-“Hey, sis, what are you thinking? You look out of it.” Seeing Bella in a daze, Drew waved his hand in front of her eyes..

“Drew, I…” Thinking about the woman who looked like her, Bella wanted to say something, but she held back.

“What is it, Bella? You’ve always been straightforward. Why are you hesitating now?” Drew asked in surprise.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” That was merely a woman Drew bumped into in Meridan. Even though Bella was suspicious, she could not investigate that woman, She could only start with Zoe.

However, what was the point of an investigation?

That day, in front of Nigel, Justin said that everything between them was over. They would go their own ways, and there was no possibility between them.

So what was she hesitating and feeling lost about?

Bella curled her lips and laughed coldly, picking up the cup in her hand and downing it in a gulp.

How self-deprecating must she be to still long for a man who abandoned her twice? She should be relieved now that she did not repeat the same mistakes.

Sitting beside Bella, Asher took in her complicated emotions but said nothing. He merely took her hand gently, warming her up with his palms.

“Ash, did you tell Aunt Mila and Wyatt about Arnold?” Bella asked lightly.

Wyatt took Celeste abroad to one of their holiday villas in an attempt to cheer her up. Mila and Sasha went along, but they did not live together. Wyatt arranged for them to stay in another villa.

Only the Thompson siblings were present in the spacious Yara Park.

4 2 Asher smiled. “Aunt Mila said we don’t need to treat him as a guest. We can deal with him as we see fit. If Bella is in need, she’ll forget about this nephew of hers to make Bella happy.” Bella could not help chuckling. She knew her three stepmothers cared a lot about her.

“Hey, do you think Aunt Mila is disregarding her family for justice or outright disowning him?” Axel dropped his jaw in shock.

Drew reached into his black coat and fished out a cigarette, putting it in between his lips, looking cocky and handsome, “If it’s to help someone else, it’s for justice. Helping that bastard Justin would be the latter.” Everyone was speechless, but Bella’s eyelashes fluttered, and she only kept quiet.

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