The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 829

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 829-In the living room, Bella hugged Drew tightly, and he returned the hug. If they were not siblings; others might mistake them for a newlywed couple enjoying their reunion.

“Drew, you’ve worked hard this time,” Bella pouted.

“It’s nothing. What’s hard about bringing someone back?” Drew rubbed her head, his eyes full of longing and tenderness. “As long as you’re happy, I could even kill him for you.” Steven broke into a cold sweat, and Axel almost spit out his tea!

At this moment, Asher walked down the stairs.

“He’s asleep.” “He must be exhausted. Let him rest.

Bella sighed. “I was too anxious. This might backfire. If we piss off Arnold and he refuses to help, I can’t possibly force him by putting a knife to his neck.” “Bella, don’t worry.” Asher sat beside her and put his arms around her shoulder. “You have us. We exist to help you accomplish things you can’t do.” “Yeah, Bella.” Axel also comforted her. “Please ask us to do something for you. We’re starting to feel a little irrelevant!” Bella’s lips trembled as she was moved to the point of tears.

Sitting beside Bella, Asher took in her complicated emotions but said nothing. He merely took her hand gently, warming her up with his palms.

“Ash, did you tell Aunt Mila and Wyatt about Arnold?” Bella asked lightly.

Wyatt took Celeste abroad to one of their holiday villas in an attempt to cheer her up. Mila and Sasha went along, but they did not live together. Wyatt arranged for them to stay in another villa.

Only the Thompson siblings were present in the spacious Yara Park.

“I’ve called Aunt Mila.” Asher smiled. “Aunt Mila said we don’t need to treat him as a guest. We can deal with him as we see fit. If Bella is in need, she’ll forget about this nephew of hers to make Bella happy.” Bella could not help chuckling. She knew her three stepmothers cared a lot about her.

“Hey, do you think Aunt Mila is disregarding her family for justice o outright disowning him?” Axel dropped his jaw in shock.

Drew reached into his black coat and fished out a cigarette, putting it in between his lips, looking cocky and handsome. “If it’s to help someone else, it’s for justice. Helping that bastard Justin would be the latter.” Everyone was speechless, but Bella’s eyelashes fluttered, and she only kept quiet.

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