The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 807

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 807-Bethany fell heavily to the ground. Her swollen mouth rendered her speechless, leaving only tears.

“Stop it! Please, stop!” cried Carrie, her tears flowing uncontrollably, and her sobbing resembling that of a five-year-old. Each teardrop hit Ryan’s shoulder like a hammer, leaving him heartbroken.

“Okay, okay… I’ll stop hitting Bethany. Darling, please don’t cry. I’ll do as you say, I promise,” Ryan consoled Carrie, gently patting her back.

Even David, who has been driving for Ryan for over a decade, was left dumbfounded.

This remarkable young girl has not only brought their young master down from his pedestal but has also healed him.

Since his father’s passing, Ryan has been living in the shadows, growing increasingly cold and ruthless, mocking life and devoid of emotions.

However, Carrie’s arrival has transformed Ryan. She turned him into a person capable of feeling emotions, laughter, and tears. It’s truly a remarkable change.

Carrie gradually calmed her fluctuating emotions, sobbing softly in Ryan’s embrace.

In her typical lively and innocent demeanor, Carrie often made Ryan forget that his cherished wife was not just an ordinary girl. She had autism.

Ryan kept this a secret from Carrie, sending people both domestically and internationally in search of treatments, but to no avail. He received advice that her condition required psychological guidance and enduring patience. The journey was long and agonizing, one that few could endure.

Yet, he was determined to persevere Carrie was his partner. Having chosen her, he decided never to abandon her and to stand by her side for life.

“Ryan… Thank you. Thank you for not hitting my sister,” Carrie whispered softly.

“Bethany hurt you, insulted you, and hit you. Why are you still trying to protect her?” Ryan’s brow furrowed with concern, but his tone remained gentle.

“Because she’s my sister… Mom and Dad really like her. They’re always happy to see her. I don’t want to upset them or see them sad because of my sister’s injuries.” Carrie sniffed.

It was a strange logic, unheard of before.

To please her parents, Carrie was willing to forgive someone who had left her battered and bruised… Ryan felt a surge of bitterness in his throat, and his heart felt pierced by a thousand needles.

“Carrie, you’re such a kind person.” ‘You’re so incredibly kind that it brings tears to my eyes. Your kindness, like a beacon of light, illuminates my dark life. You’re so out of place, yet I yearn so desperately to hold onto you.’ Lost in his thoughts, Ryan suddenly felt Carrie’s lips press against his trembling throat.

Sensations of desire clouded his mind, causing his muscles to tense David, the chauffeur, remained composed, raising the privacy screen in the back seat without a word.

The backseat quickly turned into a private space.

“Carrie, you’re getting naughty.” Ryan’s forehead glistened with sweat, his gaze deepening as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I’m not naughty. How could I ever be naughty to you? I just… I just wanted to thank you.” Carrie blinked her clear eyes, her lips pouting. “Well… It’s okay, then., Pretend I didn’t say anything… Hmph!” Ryan immediately claimed her lips, consuming her breath.

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