The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 801

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 801-At this very moment, Bethany looked at her mother’s cold and indifferent face, feeling as though her mother had never truly loved her father. They were worse than strangers.

Bethany asked, “Mom, it’s been three days since Dad last visited you.

He seems indifferent. Aren’t you concerned at all?” “Hmph, rushing things won’t do any good. Your father is just like Justin. They won’t take you seriously if you cling to them. However, if you keep your distance, they’ll come closer to you.” “Men are all so fickle!” Shannon’s lips curled into a playful smile as she vented her frustration, though her emotions were in disarray.

Shannon did not reach out to Gregory for the past three days. Her reluctance to contact him stemmed purely from fear, rather than any other motive.

Despite being deemed fit for discharge from the hospital, Shannon could not muster the courage to return home. Instead, she chose to stay confined within the hospital walls, using the excuse of needing further recovery to avoid facing Gregory.

That night, after Bella caused such a scene, Shannon had distinctly sensed a shift in Gregory’s demeanor toward her.

Throughout her stay in the hospital, Shannon pondered how to clarify things with her husband and rebuild his perception of her.

Suddenly, the door to the hospital ward swung open.

“You guys wait outside. I’ll go in and see Shannon.” “Yes, Chairman Salvador.” Upon hearing Gregory’s voice, Shannon and Bethany were both stunned.

Shannon swiftly reached for a powder box hidden beneath her pillow and hurriedly applied powder to her lips to accentuate her weary appearance.

As Gregory entered the room, she leaned weakly against the bed’s headboard, casting a pitiful gaze at him with her tear-filled eyes.

“Bethany, I’m thirsty… Can you please get me a glass of water?” The unexpected tears reminded Bethany of Rosalind, whom she considered an insufferable nuisance.

“Dad! You’re finally here!” Bethany covered her mouth, pretending to be pleasantly surprised.

Gregory gazed at the frail figure resting on the bed, his dark eyes. devoid of emotion, sending shivers to run down Shannon’s spine.

“Bethany, you’ve done well taking care of your mom these past few days. I’ve arranged for the household staff to take care of her needs. You should go home and get some rest,” Gregory said.

“Okay… Well then, I’ll head back now” Bethany cast a glance at Shannon before stepping out and closing the door behind her gently.

“Ms. Salvador, do you need a ride back?” The bodyguard at the door asked politely.

“No, there’s no need. Just pass me the car keys. I feel like going for a drive,” Bethany responded.

Bethany entered the underground parking lot with a heavy heart.

After spending three days in the hospital, she felt like she reeked of disinfectant. Now, all she craved was to buy some stylish clothes and indulge in a luxurious spa treatment to refresh herself.

Just as she approached her car, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her neck.

“Argh!” Bethany’s vision darkened as she slipped into unconsciousness.

As she collapsed, Yasmin’s cold and beautiful face appeared behind her.

“Take her away.” “Yes, Ms. Yasmin.” The two bodyguards promptly obeyed her orders and dragged Bethany’s unconscious form away without hesitation.

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