The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 728

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 728-“I just thought I might not be able to save you. Then, you wouldn’t be a hero saving a beauty but would cause trouble for me instead.” Bella simply found an excuse. “Justin has a better physical condition than the average man. The chances of the surgery succeeding on him were higher than others. If it were you, I might fail to save you. Do you want me to carry the guilt forever?” Christopher’s lips curled downward as his heart fell.

“Oh, right. Welcome to Hatchbay! Let me treat you to dinner tonight?” Bella smiled and invited him. She could not let him come for nothing.

“Bella, come back to Savrow with me. We’ll eat there.” Christopher’s eyes suddenly lightened. “Also, I want to bring you somewhere. I think you’ll like it.” Bella considered it and then nodded slightly.

She was not too interested in the place Christopher mentioned, but she had to go to Savrow anyway to meet Ralph and investigate the person scheming against Celeste.

Bella insisted on treating Christopher, so he let her. He chose the restaurant they went to the first time they had dinner together.

They had a pleasant dinner, but as Bella had worries in her heart, she was still frowning with worry.

213 “Is Madam Celeste’s matter not resolved yet?” Christopher sipped a mouthful of wine and asked.

“That criminal is still in custody. He admitted to all the charges,” Bella said in a low voice, gripping her glass tightly.

“Have you found any leads?” Christopher suddenly asked.

Bella’s heart skipped a beat. “Why are you asking this? Do you have any ideas?” Christopher curled his lips. He unlocked his phone and quickly pressed on something, showing it to her.

Bella took his phone in confusion and opened a series of pictures. It was that criminal’s information!

“Twenty years ago, this man worked for TS Channel and changed his career path to become a stunt double. A few years later, he had an accident and fractured his left leg, eventually leaving TS Channel.” Although he had undergone treatment, he could only walk to meet his daily needs and couldn’t perform action scenes anymore. He lived in poverty all these years,” Christopher said casually as he poured another glass of wine for her.

Bella suddenly recalled that the man indeed walked in a strange posture when the police took him into custody.

“At that time, Madam Celeste and Shannon Quarry were competitors and were both the face of TS Channel. Rumors of their fierce competition were rampant. On Madam Celeste’s birthday, Shannon even postponed her own birthday celebration to Sunday to steal the spotlight from Madam Celeste. Unexpectedly, the guests she invited all went to Madam Celeste’s birthday banquet, and even Old Master Nigel disregarded Shannon.” Christopher raised his brows and smiled playfully. “Do you think Shannon would hold a grudge and target Madam Celeste?” Bella pursed her lips and took a deep breath. “In fact, I suspected Shannon since the incident happened, but I don’t have evidence.” Christopher narrowed his eyes and sent her a few more photos.

“This is…?” “That man’s apartment,” Christopher replied casually.

The photos portrayed a dim and cramped space with dirty and. disordered surroundings. The walls of the apartment were covered with pictures and posters of Shannon when she was a celebrity. It was like a creepy crime scene in the movies!

“This man is obsessed with Shannon. It means he has a motive.

Bella, could this be considered indirect evidence?” Bella’s eyes widened in shock. “You sent someone to his apartment?!” Christopher wiped his mouth gracefully with a table napkin. “It’s nothing. No need to thank me, Bella.

Bella was a little moved. “Trespassing is a crime. You could be jailed.” Christopher’s handsome face had a faint smile. “He almost hurt you and caused harm to your family. Is that a crime? I’m merely doing God’s work.”

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