The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 674

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 674-Justin must be so thick-skinned to show up here.

“What I prepared is not anything expensive, but I prioritize sincerity over its worth. My gift represents my sincerity. Madam Celeste, I hope you will like it.” Justin had a humble attitude.

Bella propped her chin up, staring at Justin as she raised an eyebrow.

He was usually cold and distant, almost never showing such an approachable side.

What a good actor!

“Since you say so, let’s take a look.” Wyatt acted as if he was doing. Justin a favor.

Celeste smiled bitterly. Wyatt had carved his hatred for Justin into his bones.

Secretly observing Wyatt’s expression, Christopher only felt like laughing.

It was futile, despite how hard Justin tried to butter up Wyatt. Since Justin had deeply hurt Bella before, it meant making the whole. Thompson family his enemy.

That mistake was as severe as the sky crashing down. It was irreversible.

Celeste and Wyatt uncovered the red cloth together. Lying silently in a transparent glass box was a golden crown embedded with pearls.

Instantly, Celeste’s eyes widened. Her heart raced rapidly, and her eyes reddened.

“Celeste? Celeste? What’s wrong?” Noticing her abnormal behavior, Wyatt held her warm hand and asked gently.

Celeste returned to her senses. Tears shone in her bright eyes. She calmed herself down and revealed the happiest smile ever seen on her face tonight.

“Wyatt… I really like Mr. Salvador’s gift… I really like it.” Her soft voice reached every corner of the hall through the microphone. Everyone heard her sincere exclamation.

The Thompson family members were shocked, including Bella!

Bella did not understand. The crown only had good craftsmanship. It did not use rare materials and looked like a prop in a film set. How did it manage to win Aunt Celeste’s heart?

“Celeste, I don’t understand…” Wyatt was confused.

Celeste was not in a hurry to explain. Her eyes shone as she suppressed her excitement and looked at Justin. “Mr. Salvador, where did you find this crown?” “It’s a long story. I found it from a retired prop maker.” Justin answered with a serious expression. “He had been keeping this crown in his collection. I offered a high price to buy it from him, but he refused. Then, I expressed my intention to make it your birthday gift. He was touched and gave it to me for free. I was lucky to get it.” s his words feft.Il Celeste was so excited that tears shone in hererveyes. he asked schlyl/Was it Mr. White who worked on the set offhee równ?” ustin nodded. ‘Yes.” eleste covered her mouth, almost unable to suppress her urge to crgry.

elle was taken aback Stae quickly took out her phone and googled ” he Crown.” It turned outta be a TV series twenty years ago, whichth ad a burst of popularity onoce premiered on the TS Channel.

he actress who acted as the queen in the series was Celeste. She Iso made a name for herself thoroughinis series and became amous. TS Channel even designed stage for Celeste to dance in he Queen’s costume, eaming ber famiae and praise.

1 that classic image of the enchanting queen Celeste portrayed in e series, she wore this very crown.ochenhead!

Dh… I understand now…” Belle’s gazeolooking at Justin, turned soft.

his rascal had won this round. It was a totaled sad clown.

lo matter how much Bella disliked Justin, shhaddio admit ift he prepared was sincere and thoughtful..

le wrote it off in a casual tone, but Bella understood how much nd-energy he had spent to obtain this crown,which reveant a lot leleste it was a heartfelt gift.

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