The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 662

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 662-“Carrie slowly looked up, her clear eyes meeting Bella’s gaze.

She did not say one word.

However, Bella could read the answer in Carrie’s eyes.

“It’s not every day Carrie falls for a boy and stands her ground for him, Bella. Just give her a break. If being with Ryan makes her happy and comfortable, let them get along and see where it takes them.” Justin looked over and offered words of comfort with a hint of pleading in her ear.

“I can tell that Carrie has feelings for him. I’m not trying to break them I just ” Bella met his eyes.

“I get it. I understand.” Justin let out an understanding smile. His usual stoic expression beamed only for her. “But don’t forget that Carrie has you and m His response was brief but strong.

Bella felt butterflies and looked away.

Such was Justin. There was no bullshit with him. He kept his words short but effective.

Apart from Wyatt and Celeste-the star of the night-the whole family sat at Bella’s table.

Justin stubbornly would not leave the seat beside Bella. Despite the angry and contemptuous stares, he remained unfazed and still.

He was unashamed and unapologetic.

“Your seat isn’t here, Mr. Salvador.” Ralph narrowed his eyes at Justin’s composed face and snapped at him as if he were interrogating a suspect. “The table here is for our family and close friends. Who are you to sit here?” It was silent at the table as all eyes were on Justin.

Faced with scrutiny, the man merely curled his lips and looked deep into the eyes of the woman, who had remained indifferent to the situation.

“My seat is next to wherever Bella sits.” Bella nearly choked. She turned her head and snapped an angry look at Justin, who did not seem to think that his comment was inappropriate.

“Tsk!” Ralph averted his gaze and downed his drink..

“Hmph! I don’t know what the house rules are for the Salvadors, but here, we don’t let our dogs near the dinner table.” Sasha’s words were biting.

Sasha crossed her legs and sank her back against the seat while tapping the table. She sure looked like a mafia boss.

Justin tensed his jawline.

No one would be happy to be called less than a human.

Although he loved Bella and wanted to leave a good impression on her family, there was no reason for the Thompsons to trample on his dignity.

“Enough. Grandpa Nigel is here tonight. At least show him some respect. Let’s just enjoy dinner.” Bella stood up for Justin, as her family had gone out of line.

“Ms. Bella.” Steven hurried to Bella’s side and leaned into her ear to say, “Mr. Christopher Iverson is here.” Justin picked up on the conversation, and his face fell.

“Oh? I thought he wouldn’t be here. Just welcome him and lead him.

to the table for the Iversons,” Bella instructed indifferently.

“The situation is a little complicated Steven paused and murmured in hushed tones, “Mrs. Sophie Iverson is with Mr. Christopher Iverson.” “What? Sophie’s here as well?” Bella’s eyes widened.

“Yes. They are outside the venue hall. What-” Without another word, Bella got up and went outside the hall with Steven.

With the warmth of the love of his life gone, Justin felt bitter and clutched the glass in his hand, his veins showing.

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