The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 654

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 654-Camilla’s sudden return gave every member of the Thompson family a nice surprise.

Mila, Camilla’s birth mother, was the least emotional and most reserved of the three wives. No one had really seen Mila shed a tear in decades. While thrilled to see her daughter, Mila merely teared up a little.

Celeste and Sasha let their emotions run free as they hugged Camilla and cried. Others could mistake them for Camilla’s birth mothers instead.

“Enough. Haven’t you hugged enough?” Wyatt stood next to them, looking rather sulky. “It’s my turn!” Everybody was speechless.

Celeste and Sasha reluctantly released Camilla.

Seizing his chance, Wyatt gave Camilla a big bear hug and w loud, “My dear Camilla, I’ve missed you so much! I thought you heartless brat who forgot about your father now that you have a husband! Why didn’t you ever visit us? I raised you for nothing. I c believe you picked your husband over your old man!” The group was lost for words.

Bella froze as Wyatt unabashedly clung to Camilla.

It was a good thing only the immediate family was in the reception.

Chap 662 hall.

At least, Wyatt did not embarrass himself in public.

“I will never forget you, Dad. Aren’t I home now?” Camilla patted Wyatt’s back and consoled him softly. “I’ve been busy. Edward is down to a time crunch, and I have been swamped with campaigning for him. I only sent him a text when I hopped on a plane to come back. I always have you in my prayers, Dad. Don’t be mad. I brought you a little something from Sentania, and you’ll love it.” Everybody only wanted the best for Camilla.

Back then, Camilla married Edward Yale, a Sentanian senator who was ten years older than her, against her father’s wishes. She married off to a foreign land for love, spending less time with her family.

To everybody’s surprise, Camilla made something of herself in another country by being the inspiring and charming woman she wa She was second to the queen of Sentania in public popularity.

Even Bella found Camilla’s social status beyond reach. She was proud to have such an amazing sister.

“Where’s the gift?” Wyatt finally ceased the tears and asked curiously.

He looked like a kid who stopped crying after being given a lollipop.

“I gave the gift to Quentin when I ran into him just now. I bought Aunt Celeste some jewelry too.” While talking, Camila looked tenderly at Celeste. “Happy birthday, Aunt Celeste.” “The best gift you can ever give me is you being home. I’m serious, Camilla.” Celeste teared up. She tended to cry a lot because she was sentimental.

“Where’s your husband? Did he prepare anything at all?” Wyatt raised a brow. He always had a problem with his only son-in-law.

“Give it a rest, Wyatt.” Cupping her cheek, Bella looked at her insatiable father in disdain. You have enough junk. You won’t auction the stuff off or donate it to the museum. It’s not like you can bring your collection to the grave. What’s the point of asking for more?” “Hmph! You’re too young to understand!” Wyatt argued.

Bella clicked her tongue. “You’re just greedy. Back in the olden days, you would be considered a corrupt official.” “What do you know, brat?” Bella raised her chin. “Well, I know I would arrest you and claim y rust bucket as my own.” The family burst into laughter.

“Huh? Didn’t Axel say he would be joining us after? Why isn’t he here at this hour?” Bella asked.

Camilla looked at the time. “I’ll give him a call.” Chipsss

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