The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 632

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 632-Zoe’s eyes burned with hatred, and she trembled with anger. “The reason why Ryan hasn’t come home for such a long time is because he’s been living together with Carrie! He even bought her a house!” Claire felt as if she were struck by lightning-shocked and horrified!

“I hate Shannon and her daughter so much. Of course, I don’t want Carrie to become my future sister-in-law. But Ryan is obsessed with her, like he’s under a spell! For that woman, he even lost his temper at me! And he even …” Zoe intentionally paused, leaving the suspense hanging.

“He did what?!” Claire asked anxiously.

“He even hit me!” Zoe started crying harder, tears streaming down her face.

“Where did he hit you?!” Claire’s voice was tight with concern “My face… He slapped me right in front of the servants and tha wretched woman, Carrie! My face hurts so much, Mom!” Zoe c her face and rushed into her mother’s arms, crying uncontrollably Claire’s heart ached. Her cherished daughter, the apple of her eye, was in pain. Her eldest son, the one she had placed all her hopes of the obedient and filial son, had torn his relationship apart with his sister for the sake of that woman. What would he do next? Would he cut ties with his biological mother as well?

“Mommy! You must not let Ryan be with Carrie! If Ryan really marries that woman, our reputation will be completely ruined! Ryan will Chappe become a laughingstock in the Hoffman Group!” Zoe anxiously spoke, her voice hoarse.

“What do you mean?” Claire looked puzzled.

“Carrie is mentally disabled! She’s autistic!” Claire’s eyes darkened.

Her exceptionally outstanding son was more than worthy of marrying the Thompson family’s heiress. How could he marry someone with a mental disability?! She absolutely wouldn’t allow it!

“Mom! Even if Carrie is a part of the Salvador family, aren’t you afraid that if she marries Ryan, your future grandchildren will also be mentally disabled? Who knows if her condition is hereditary?” Every word from Zoe struck Claire right in the heart.

“Thank you for letting me know, Zoe. I know what to do now!” Claire, usually gentle and tender, showed a trace of coldness in her eyes. Don’t worry, I will protect you. I will never let my son marry such an unworthy woman and ruin his entire life.” Zoe nestled in her mother’s arms and revealed a sinister smile upon hearing what her mother said.

  • The days passed by. Celeste and Shannon’s birthday banquets were just around the corner. Considering Gregory’s situation these days, Shannon refrained from publicizing her upcoming birthday. However, she discreetly sent invitations to the prominent figures in Savrow and subtly promoted the event. Although her reputation in Savrow was not as pristine as before, she remained the chairman’s wife of Salvador Corporation. With such a background and status, she refused to believe that her grandeur couldn’t rival that of Celeste, a mere mistress! On the other hand, the Thompsons made no public announcement regarding Celeste’s birthday celebration. Everything was being handled in secrecy. After all, socialites from affluent families were not like celebrities in the entertainment industry. They didn’t need to flaunt their lives for attention or to gain popularity. On the evening before the birthday banquet, Celeste, with her eyes covered, was led into a room by Mila, Sasha, and Bella. “What’s going on? Why all this secrecy?” Celeste asked with a smile. “Three! Two! One!” As the countdown finished, Bella removed the blindfold from Celeste’s eyes. Celeste’s eyes adjusted to the lighting and suddenly widened in astonishment. Under the dazzling spotlight, a mannequin was dressed in a stunning black and red evening gown. The lights made the dress shimmer. It was incredibly beautiful and captivating. “Wow, it’s so beautiful…” Celeste stood there in awe, letting out a dreamy sigh. “Celeste, this is a masterpiece personally designed for you. It is designed by the internationally renowned designer, Sharon.” Mila affectionately draped her arm around Celeste’s shoulder, her eyes fixated. “Oh my goodness… I consider myself quite knowledgeable, but seeing the gown designed by Sharon up close, I can’t help but almost scream! It’s too gorgeous!” Bella’s alter ego, Sharon, had grown accustomed to countless praises in the fashion world. Yet, all those compliments still could not match the joy she felt hearing these praises from her own family. Deep within, Bella felt extremely happy and couldn’t help but let out a smirk. “A dress by Sharon?! Oh my goodness… Bella, this is such a precious gift!” Celeste hastily grabbed Bella’s hand, her cheeks blushing with embarrassment. “Bella, you must have spent a lot of money and effort to invite her, right? You really didn’t need to go through this trouble! It’s too much!”

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