The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 56

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 56-Wilma was shocked to see Justin. She thought, ‘Oh, no! Does the young master not notice this little bitch’s cheap tricks? If so, he’s really stupid…’ At this time, Justin picked up a black umbrella and opened the front door. His face was as gloomy as the sky outside.

“Young Master!” Wilma called out anxiously.

However, the man still went out with the umbrella. Wilma was so vexed that she stomped her foot.

Outside the door, Rosalind sat in the rain. She could barely put up with this act and wanted to retreat.

However, when she saw that handsome man walking toward her, she felt excited. She quickly started sobbing pitifully.

Justin narrowed his eyes and quickly walked up to Rosalind, holding up an umbrella for her while lifting her up from the ground. He was strong and determined, so she could not resist.

“Justin…” Rosalind let out a soft cry and threw herself into his arms.

Rosalind looked like she was on the verge of collapsing earlier, but now that she saw Justin, she was rejuvenated. Her arms wrapped tightly around his strong waist, like a snake encircling its prey. Her wet face was rubbing against his chest.

Justin was frustrated. He said in a deep voice, “You are already weak as it is. You’ll get sick if you stay in the rain like this.” “If I don’t do this, will you come to see me? I just want to see you. Why don’t you want to see me?” Rosalind raised her pale and wretched face. Her eyes were flustered. “Justin… Do you not love me anymore? You’ve been cold toward me recently… Is it because of that suit? I know I made a mistake. I can apologize to Anna and beg her for forgiveness.” “No, I’m not angry anymore.” Justin looked indifferent and said, “You should be happy now that you’ve seen me. Rose, go home and spend time with your family. After this storm subsides, I’ll go and visit you.” “Justin! Please… Please save my brother!” Seeing that Justin wanted to drive her away, Rosalind was so anxious that her face turned red. She no longer cared to play her game and hugged Justin. Her hands were gradually slipping down his strong body.

“My brother is about to be sentenced to prison! No lawyer in Savrow dares to defend my brother, no matter how much money we offer, because of the Thompsons! The Thompson family are such bullies. They want to drive my family into bankruptcy. Justin… You must help us… My family is almost bankrupt, and my brother is about to be a prisoner! I beg you…” Justin’s expression was cold. He did not waver at all, as if he were unaffected by all her mortal woes.

He was ruthless, but he was strangely persistent about loving Rosalind. He stuck to a promise he made as a teenager until he was 30 years old. He did not even hesitate to hurt another woman who loved him deeply, nor did he care if he went against his grandfather. He would still marry Rosalind.

However, he was impartial when it came to business. He had no tolerance for the crimes committed by the Gold family, and he made his attitude clear.

At this moment, Justin recalled the harsh words he had used when he was trying to negotiate with Bella on behalf of the Golds. He even used the Golds’ situation to mock Anna. Regret arose in his heart, and his tone became even harsher.

“The Thompson family is innocent in this matter. Your brother brought this upon himself. I suggest that he confess to his crimes so that he can seek a reduced sentence. That’s the right thing to do. Gold Corporation should be overhauled because of poor management. Even if I allocate another billion. dollars to your company, it won’t make a difference if you don’t rectify the internal issues.

Rosalind’s lips trembled. She was dumbfounded.

She originally thought that Justin would become soft-hearted and give in to her if she cried miserably in front of him.

But this time, she was wrong. Justin had been tolerant of her before because she had not touched his bottom line.

Since she crossed a line, he would not show her any mercy, even if he loved her.

In the end, Justin forced the crying Rosalind into the car, ordered the driver to lock the door, and watched her leave Tideview Manor. His frown relaxed after a while.

Justin stood in the rain for a long time, holding the black umbrella. When he thought of the disappointed look in Anna’s eyes when she looked at him, his heart ached.

The pain was dense and unavoidable.

After Zeke was arrested, the Golds became listless.

When Rosalind’s parents saw their daughter’s pale and dejected face and mud-covered body, their first words were not voicing their concerns about how she ended up like this. Instead, they anxiously asked if Justin would help Zeke, even if it meant getting Zeke a lawyer.

As a result, Rosalind just shook her head with a gloomy look on her face.

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