The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 55

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 55-Justin kept thinking about the way Amma looked at him at the end. She looked so disappointed and resentful, as if they were enemies.

Why did his heart feel empty?

It felt as if he had lost something important to him.

As soon as Justin walked into the study, Wilma followed him. She looked a little unhappy.

“Young Master, Ms. Gold’s car is downstairs. You should go down and greet her.” “I’m not going.” Wilma was shocked to see Justin ignore Rosalind.

She was so happy that she could shed tears of joy.

“I know why she’s here.” Justin slumped on the sofa. His eyes were a little distant. “Go down and tell her that if she’s here for Zeke, don’t bother. The Gold family must be in chaos now, so she should go back and spend more time with her parents. After two days when the media scrutiny dies down, I will go and visit her.” “What if she refuses to leave?” “Then just let her be.” Justin sighed heavily and rubbed his sore temples.

All that came to mind was the way Anna called him a “good-for-nothing ex-husband”.

‘Ugh! How am I a good-for-nothing? She doesn’t even know what I’m capable of!’ Wilma responded with a smile and secretly gave Justin a thumbs-up as she hurriedly left the study.

Justin frowned. It seemed that Wilma really hated Rosalind from the bottom of her heart. Wilma looked like Christmas came early when she got the green light to kick Rosalind out.

Wilma went outside the villa and stood on the steps, glaring at the anxious Rosalind.

“The young master said that he won’t interfere with your family affairs. You should give up and go home.” “Let me go in and see Justin!” After saying that, Rosalind wanted to rush through the door.

However, Rosalind was weak compared to the strong Wilma. Wilma only had to stand upright. She did not even stretch out her hands. But Rosalind had already lost her balance and fell to the ground.

“Ah! You… How dare you push me! I’m Justin’s fiancée, your future lady boss! How could you be so rude to me?!” Rosalind slumped on the ground in anger and pointed at Wilma. “I’m going to tell Justin that you bullied me! I’ll get him to fire you!” “Hah! Future lady boss? I’m afraid that you’ll have to wait a while longer before you try to boss me around. Even if you marry the young master, I will never recognize you as my boss. In my heart, the only lady boss I will ever have is Ms. Brown. Even if the young master and Ms. Brown are separated now, she will always be the only lady boss that I respect. Other women like you can step aside!” “You!” Rosalind was livid.

“Ms. Gold, feel free to complain about me to the young master. I’ll just thank you if you really have the means to make the young master fire me. It’s about time I retire. This way, I won’t have to come up with an excuse!” Wilma really wanted Justin to come downstairs and see Rosalind’s fierce face at this moment. Rosalind did not look like her usual soft, frail, and harmless self.

“Justin! You can’t just let this be! You must help my brother!” Rosalind stopped talking to Wilma. She simply knelt on the ground and cried.

This scene looked like it was taken out of a TV show, where a disgraced mistress was begging for mercy from the King.

Seeing that Justin did not respond for a long time, Rosalind started to call out to different people.

“Aunt Shannon! Please help me! Aunt Shannon! Uncle Greg!” “Stop shouting! The chairman went out with Madam Shannon and her daughters to have dinner with the Old Master. They won’t be back for a while.” “Then I’ll wait here until Justin sees me!” Wilma raised her head to look at the sky, which was covered in dark clouds. “It’s going to rain. I have to collect the laundry. Shout all you like!” After that, Wilma left Rosalind behind and went into the villa, telling the servants not to open the door for Rosalind, no matter what.

Rosalind shouted for a long time until she lost her voice, but Justin still did not show up.

She was pale and flustered. She could feel the changes in Justin recently, and it was becoming more difficult to control him.

Usually, Justin would come running to her when he heard that she was around, no matter how busy he was. He would put aside his work and come to see her. When he saw her crying, he would try his best to coax her with lavish gifts. He was always generous with her.

But now, Justin would not even meet her.

Not long after, it began to rain heavily.

Rosalind decided to play the pity card. Instead of sitting in the car, she knelt outside until she was drenched. She was shivering, and she looked like she would collapse at any moment.

“Justin… Let me see you…” “Hmph! Such a cheap trick. Only a fool will fall for it!” Wilma sneered as she stood in front of the window watching the show.

Suddenly, she heard strong footsteps coming from behind.

Wilma turned around and saw Justin walking toward the entrance with a tight frown.

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