The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 515

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 515-“No… I don’t trust Justin. I need to inform Mr. Asher right away.” Steven could barely hold his phone steady while dialing Asher’s number.

The call was answered immediately. Before Steven had a chance to speak, Asher’s husky came on the other end. “Did something happen.

to Bella, Steve?” There must be some sort of special bond between the siblings because Asher had a bad feeling all night.

Since Steven contacted him, Asher was sure Bella had gotten herself into a situation.

“Mr. Asher!” Steven teared up. “Ms. Bella… Ms. Bella is in trouble. Please send help to Mount Jaglee at the National Forest Park.” Asher was at the military headquarters in Dawnford, more than 350 km away from Savrow, when he received Steven’s call for help.

Now that Asher was in Dawnford, he could not possibly pass up a chance to meet with his third brother, Declan Brown, who had also taken their mother’s last name, like Drew.

His mother gave birth to quadruplets and Bella, and Asher cared about all his siblings equally.

Chap 515 Declan was a young talent. He was a colonel at the age of 28 with outstanding achievements. Since he held a high position, leading the army in Dawnford, he rarely got to meet with his family.

Hence, Asher would visit Declan whenever he got the chance.

“Declan, Bella is in trouble. I need to get back to Savrow right now.” Furrowing his brows, Asher could not hide the worry on his face.

“What? Bella is in trouble?” Declan, dressed in military uniform, jolted to his feet from the sofa, his nerves tensed.

He had always kept his cool and charisma as a colonel in the presence of others. However, he was hysterical at the mention that his beloved sister was in trouble.

As his chest tightened, Asher’s voice turned hoarse. “Our little sister went to the National Forest Park to volunteer at a search and rescue party.” Declan clenched his fists and sighed. He paced around in circles nervously.

If the men working under Declan could see him now, their jaws would drop.

“I told her many times to just donate the money. She’s not a professional first responder. She could put herself in danger, but she’s stubborn. She has a mind of her own. She won’t listen to reason.” Asher was worried sick about Bella.

“I mean… Why does Bella go there anyway? Does Mount Jaglee hold some sort of secret or mystery there?” Declan did not want to be the strict superior in front of Asher. In fact, he shared Wyatt’s humor.

Asher looked at him with intrigue and said indifferently, “Don’t you. remember what happened to Bella when she was eleven?” “I do. Of course, I do.” Declan sighed dejectedly. “I don’t know what to say about her and the Salvador guy.” “I’m starting to get to my head that Mom had us first to protect Bella.” Asher let out a long sigh and walked out. “I got to go attend to the emergency, Declan.” “Hang on, Ash.” Declan stopped him and grabbed his beret on the arm of the sofa to put on. “I’m going with you.” It took quite a bit of walking before Justin discovered a small, dark cave. He carried Bella over.

Bella rested her back against the wall of the cave and folded her arms. Her pale lips quivered, and her soiled face looked flushed.

Even though she looked weak and disheveled, the light in her eyes and her fluttering lashes gave Justin butterflies in his stomach.

Feeling warm and cozy inside, the man swallowed hard and cupped her cheeks.

He frowned when he found that her face was hot to the touch.

“Are you burning up?” “I’m fine. It won’t kill me.” Bella did not shy away from his touch because the cold sensation felt great on her skin.

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