The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 455

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 455-The sweet breath of the delicate woman filled the quiet hospital room. Christopher sat by Bella’s bedside in the same position, keeping a close eye on her.

Bella rolled over, a soft whimper escaping from the depths of her throat. Christopher felt a numbing sensation wash over him.

For years, whether in Savrow or Sentania, countless charming and beautiful women had offered themselves to him one after the other. Surprisingly, the more of this occurred, the less interested he became. He thought women were more troublesome than stubborn barnacles stuck to the hull of a boat.

But Bella was different. Only Bella could be so daring with him and do whatever she wanted. Even if it meant engaging in shady activities, he was not afraid of the consequences, as long as he could continue to spoil her.

Christopher’s intense gaze deepened. He reached out instinctively, eager to delicately caress the face that lingered in his dreams.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated. It was a message from the secretary.

[Mr. Iverson, Ms. Thompson’s family is here to pick her up. They are right at the entrance.] Christopher adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and opened the door to the ward. The tall figures of Asher, Axel, and Steven stood before him in the corridor like three formidable icebergs.

“Please accept my sincere apologies, Mr. Thompson.” Christopher Chaply th seized the initiative right away. “Bella had a severe stomachache and could not even walk, so I had to take her to the hospital first. I was unable to notify you in time.” Steven’s lips tightened into a pale line, unable to accept this man taking Bella away without permission.

“Mr. Iverson, you-” Steven was about to say something when Asher motioned for him to calm down. Instead, he turned to face Christopher with a cold smile. Thank you for bringing Bella to the hospital, Mr. Iverson. But you were aware that we were looking for our little sister, and yet you repeatedly ignored my calls and eventually turned off your phone. What did you mean by that?” Axel’s brow furrowed deeply, displeasure visible in his eyes. This man had the audacity to take away their precious little sister! Did he think they would not do anything to him?

Christopher, with a tender smile, adopted a humble stance. “I apologize. I was solely concerned with Bella at the time and wanted. her to sleep soundly. I did not think much further than that.” “Hmm, what exactly do you mean? Are we not solely concerned about Bella?” The words irritated Axel, and his rage erupted instantly.

“It is only natural for both of you to shower her with affection and love as her elder brothers,” Christopher stated calmly. “Given your unwavering devotion to Bella, you should not mind having one more man in the world who adores her, right?” Axel and Steven were completely taken aback. This man was incredibly direct, openly declaring his admiration for Bella without hesitation in front of them. There was no one with such unrestrained emotions in the Thompson family. Even Bella, who was adored by everyone, was decisive and confident. She had never expressed her emotions so passionately and openly.

If she had been this brave back then, daring to express herself, she would not have suffered so much and endured so many grievances at Justin’s hands.

Meanwhile, Asher’s gaze deepened as he heard these words. At this point, he had to admit that his father had a sharp eye. He was not entirely unreasonable in his opposition to Bella’s association with Christopher.

This man, despite appearing gentle and devoted to Bella, made Asher uneasy. A subtle sense of intrusion pressed against his chest.

“Wait for me, Axel. I’ll go get Bella.” Asher, with a stern expression on his face, was about to open the door of the ward when he came to a halt next to Christopher. “Mr. Iverson, we have plenty of people here.

who care for her. It would be inconvenient to bother you any further.

Please leave.” Christopher walked toward the parking lot with a relaxed expression, seemingly unaffected by anything.

“Mr. Iverson, do those two Thompson brothers have an issue with you? They’re practically showing their disdain earlier.” His secretary asked, frustrated.

“In-laws have never liked each other. After all, Bella is their cherished little princess. How could they let another man take her away?” Christopher raised an eyebrow. “It doesn’t matter. In the end, I want to marry Bella, not them. I don’t care how they perceive me.” The secretary was still resentful. “I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You used to have a lot of power in Sentania. You were essentially the uncrowned king. Why subject yourself to Savrow’s scrutiny and endure this kind of treatment?” “Sentania… I had everything there, but so what?” Christopher adjusted his glasses, his eyes sparkling with a cold, sharp light. “I was born. with a silver spoon, but I had to live by myself in Sentania. While others see the glamor, only I understand the agony of each day in Sentania. If not for those filthy Iverson family members and Lance’s heartlessness, the entire Iverson Group would have been under my control.” Suddenly, his eyes turned red. “And Bella… Why did she have to marry Justin, that beast? She should have been my wife a long time ago!” The secretary shivered and bowed respectfully as he looked at the somewhat agitated Christopher.

“I want Iverson Group, and I want Bella as well. I must reclaim everything I have lost!”

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