The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 438

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 438-The surrounding celebrities and reporters cast shocked gazes at Bella.

“Ms. Alice, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were waiting for me.” Bella was somewhat surprised by the attention, and her usually calm. face was blushing a little.

Alice’s eyes held an affable smile behind her sunglasses. “It’s fine. You’ve been working hard tonight.” She put an arm around Bella’s shoulders, acting like they were as close as sisters, as she smiled at the reporters. “Everybody, please. take some photos for us.” Bella looked slightly stunned.

The crowd collectively thought in shock that they had finally lived to see the day the arrogant fashion diva, Alice, was actually enthusiastically taking the initiative to get a photo with someone else.

Bella was no ordinary person to achieve this feat. She was emanating charm and attracting countless admirers.

Bethany’s and Zoe’s expressions crumbled.

Zoe, who had been left hanging in place, felt a sense of humiliation surge from her feet to her head.

‘Why? Why?! Had Bella’s body been smeared with honey? Was that why all these famous and influential people swarmed her like bees.

Clapot 438 and butterflies, all rushing to her?’ Zoe did not understand what made.

Bella so charming.

Bella and Alice took a picture with their arms around each other..

Though Bella did her best to restrain her expression, the excitement in her heart was like a boiling kettle that had been on the stove for a hundred years.

The reputation that Bella had previously lost was more or less recovered by this moment.

After they finished taking the photo together, Bella and Alice went to a quiet place to talk.

“Ms. Alice, thank you very much for earlier.” Bella said honestly, “As you can see, I did run into some trouble tonight. You taking a picture with me is a show of acknowledgement to me and has helped me regain some reputation.” “Ms. Thompson…” “I know that we’re kind of in the same boat because I’m the organizer, so you helped me for the sake of making sure the event goes well.” Bella smiled in embarrassed self-awareness. “But I’m very thankful to you regardless.” “No, Ms. Thompson. The reason why I helped you has nothing to do with whether or not we have a working relationship.” Alice looked at her with the kindness of an elder. “It’s because of your brother, Asher. He asked me to help you and watch over you as much.

as possible during this event.” Chups 430 Bella’s eyes flickered in shock, secretly surprised.

Her brother was such a worrier. Asher always worried that Bella would be bullied, so even if he did not appear himself, he would help. her prepare for every eventuality and arrange for every scenario.

But Alice’s feelings for her brother were not platonic.

Bella thought, ‘Ash, you know she has a crush on you, but you still use. this opportunity to use her… You’re not a gentleman!’ Alice pushed up her sunglasses, her expression turning serious. “I’ve “No, no!” Bella hurriedly waved her hands. “There’s no need. You’ve already helped me enough. It’s too much if you help me more!” “Are you afraid of owing me a favor?” Alice patted her shoulder with a gentle expression. “Don’t be afraid.

I’m doing all this for you willingly. I’ve never wanted anything in return.

Asher must have told you before about how much I like him, right?” Bella pursed her lips, nodding vigorously.

“You’re Asher’s favorite sister and a very important family member to him. Anyone who is precious to him is naturally precious to me too.

Chander 438 I’ve liked him for ten years and never wanted anything in return. I’m satisfied as long as he allows me to continue liking him.”

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