The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 433

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 433-Putting her hand over her bruised arm, Bethany could not wait to get away from Shannon’s lecture.

Growing up, Bethany benefited from her mother’s influence over her father, which opened doors for her future. However, despite her mother’s role in her easy life, Bethany secretly looked down on her for her lack of sophistication and culture.

Shannon was vulgar in comparison to socialites like Zoe’s mother and Mila Larson. It was not as if Bethany could choose her parents anyway.

The event was split into two segments-the banquet and the auction.

The venue was packed with A-list celebrities and renowned artists, as if every star in the industry had graced the event with their presence.

As the general manager of the hotel and organizer of the charity event, Bella was stopped by the press for live interviews.

She carried herself with poise in front of the cameras.

“I understand why you would think so since we have been competing with Salvador Corporation.” Bella added with a faint smile, “But Mint magazine contacted us.

about the event, so the timing is just by some strange chance. There’s nothing sinister behind the event.” her wedding. Why did she change her mind and pick the Salvador Hotel instead? Did something happen in between?” Bella responded, “As the information is confidential and proprietary to the hotel, I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to share that.” The same journalist inquired, “She dropped out of the deal with you and opted for Salvador Corporation after the leak of her wedding plans. Is that the reason that contributed to the change of heart?” Bella remained unfazed, but her eyes turned chilly.

The journalist was likely here to stir trouble.

In a corner, Zoe sipped on champagne and smiled wickedly as Bella faced a barrage of questions from the relentless press.

She planted the nosy journalist who could not take a hint.

Despite the minimal impact on Bella’s career, Zoe hoped to bait Bella into controversial responses and draw criticism toward her.

Shannon and Bethany drew close.

Reigning victorious, Bethany was no longer intimidated by Bella. In fact, she became cocky..

“You’re right. That was the case.” Bella’s smile faded, and her expression turned solemn.

www The crowd went wild.

Zoe furrowed her brows. It never occurred to her that Bella would answer the question honestly without dodging and shutting the journalist up with a random excuse.

That was one thing Zoe had not prepared for.

“Stop putting Ms. Thompson on the spot. She’s been swamped with work after the breach of contract.” Lifting her chin, Bethany said with an arrogant smile, “But don’t feel discouraged, Ms. Thompson. You can do better next time. The incident with your hotel serves as a cautionary tale for the Salvador Corporation. We won’t make the same mistake as you. We are committed to maintaining the strictest confidentiality of all customer information.”

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