The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 430

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 430-The fake Alexa jewelry necklace Bethany acquired from Zoe worked wonders.

Nevertheless, Bethany had figured out a backup plan if she were discovered. She could save her ass by saying that she was scammed by a friend because of her limited knowledge of jewelry.

That was not the only thing. With Shannon putting in the good word about Bethany, Gregory finally pulled her to the core of the business and promoted her to higher management. She could join the meeting with the senior executives at last.

That night, Shannon and Bethany enjoyed a celebratory drink on the balcony.

Shannon held her daughter, her eyes sparkling as if bearing glimmering hope. “I can’t count on your sister, but my future is in your Granter 19 hands.” “Don’t worry, Mom. Once I make it to the top, I will seize control from Justin. The Salvador Group will be ours.” Beaming with pride, Bethany clinked glasses with Shannon.

The butler’s voice came from the door.

“Madam Shannon, Ms. Bethany, we have received an invitation.” The mother and daughter exchanged glances before walking out of the balcony.

Bethany asked, “Who is the invitation from?” “A Mr. Lovett, the secretary of KS World Hotel’s general manager.” KS World Hotel? Was the invitation from Bella?

“Got it. You’re dismissed.” Shannon took the invitation card and closed the door.

She opened the envelope and pulled out two invites to a charity.

jewelry auction.

Shannon pursed her lips, her expression obscure.

“Mom, we haven’t heard anything from Bella in a while. Why did she drop these invites out of the blue? Can it be a trap?” Bethany asked worriedly.

with you, and there’s nothing she can do about it.” Coincidentally, the TV broadcasted the evening news, and one of the headlines was about the charity jewelry auction.

“The organizer of the event is Mint, Mom!” Jealousy drove Bethany to clench her fist, digging her nails into her palms.

“Hmph. She might be hosting a huge event, but she lost. It’s just. damage control now.” Shannon gritted her teeth. “We will appear unladylike if we decline the invitation. Nothing is stopping me from going. She doesn’t scare me.

“We can also keep an eye on her, in case she tries something with Bella enjoyed a nice chat with the editor-in-chief of Mint magazine.

She carried on the conversation in a foreign language with ease.

She changed into tight athletic wear to go kayaking at the back of the villa when Asher dropped by for a visit.

“Ash!” Bella rushed downstairs excitedly and jumped into Asher’s arms.

The sturdy man wrapped his arms around her. Bella’s fitted outfit hugged her curves, her voluptuous form pressing close to his. There was something sensual about her.

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