The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 427

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 427-That night, the Salvadors gathered for once and headed to Crescent Bay to have their monthly dinner with Nigel.

They seemed like one big family. Even Bethany poured Carrie a drink. and urged her to eat for a change. It was as if they were close sisters.

Carrie sat next to Justin, burying her head in her food without joining in the conversation.

Although Carrie was not social, she had her pride.

She did not accept the drink from Bethany or respond to her.

“Dad, Shannon and I have been talking, and we have come to a decision, so we wanted to share with you and get your take on the matter.” Gregory sat upright, displaying excellent table manners as expected of a gentleman.

“If you have already made up your mind, why bother telling me?

Nigel kept his attention on his food “Can’t your wife sort it out? She has always been your advisor, and that’s how you have gotten by over the years.” Shannon forced a smile as malice alighted in her eyes.

Every month, Shannon dreaded the day she was to have dinner with the old man, who was filled with cynical comments. She would always lose sleep the night before.

She counted the days until the old man would meet his fate.

Gregory cleared his throat with a frown and clutched Shannon’s hand under the table. “Bethany is at the right age to marry. I think we should think about her marriage.” Bethany pursed her lips, her cheeks rosy.

“Marriage?” Nigel put down his cutlery and furrowed his brows. “Bethany is only 25. She’s too young to consider marriage. I want my granddaughters.

to spend more time with me for another two years before they get married. What’s the rush anyway?” Gregory was speechless.

“Besides, our princesses aren’t short of suitors. I’m sure men will be all over them even when they are still single at 52.” Suddenly, Nigel looked at Gregory skeptically. “Don’t tell me that the company is in financial trouble, and you need to procure help for the business through a marriage alliance.” “Don’t get the wrong idea, Dad. The company is fine.” Shannon stood up for her husband with a fake smile.

“Let me make this clear, Gregory. I forbid you from selling your daughter to satisfy your vanity. I don’t care if Salvador Corporation loses its funds tomorrow or is about to go bankrupt, but the girls can’t marry for business. Do you hear me?” “Oh, Grandpa. You have a wild imagination.” Bethany held Nigel’s arm and swung it coyly. “Mom and Dad have my best interests at heart. It has nothing to do with business. I feel that I’m ready for marriage.” “Are you ready for marriage, Bethany?” Nigel was taken aback.

Bethany nodded shyly.

The girls were growing up so fast.

“You got the wrong idea, Dad. We didn’t force Bethany. Bethany wants to settle down because she has her eye on a man.” Shannon looked at her daughter gleefully.

Nigel replied, “Oh? And who is the guy?” “You know who he is.” Gregory added with a smile, “It’s Ryan, Dad.” Justin chewed slowly. Except for a storm behind his eyes, he showed.

no emotion.

“Ryan? As in Ryan Hoffman?” With his eyes bulging, Nigel had to be sure.

Shannon responded, “That’s right. It’s Ryan Hoffman.” Clang.

A noise caught everybody’s attention.

Distracted, Carrie dropped her cutlery.

The behavior was seen as rude in such a privileged and etiquette- following family as the Salvadors.

“I-I’m sorry.” White in the face, Carrie tried to pick up the cutlery in a fluster, but Justin bent over and grabbed it for her.

“Don’t worry about it. Just get a new set.” Justin smiled tenderly at Carrie to ease her embarrassment.

“T-Thank you, Justin,” Carrie whispered, hanging her head low.

Bethany narrowed her eyes dangerously at Carrie with a smirk.

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