The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 425

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 425-Bella furrowed her brows. It felt like she chewed on a sugar-coated lie, and the sweetly cloaked monstrosity was just awful to swallow.

The air had gone quiet.

The pair said nothing.

Moments later, Justin cleared his throat and ended the conversation abruptly. “I guess that is all. Goodnight.” “Hey, you-” The call ended before Bella could finish talking.

“What the hell was that?” Bella stared at the dimmed screen in a daze and shook her head.

Meanwhile, Justin realized after the call that his palms were clamming, his throat was dry, and his heart was thumping out of his chest.

Closing his eyes, he drew a deep breath and murmured, “The ones who walk away aren’t here to stay, but the ones who mess with my head? Heck, that’s a whole ‘nother set of worries.” Xena fell into a coma after the horrible car crash.

Bethany learned from the doctor that the chances of Xena ever regaining consciousness were slim to none.

God was on her side.

Otherwise, Bethany would have trouble covering her tracks for bribing Xena to get details on the KS World Hotel’s contract.

Even with that taken care of, Bethany did not make any progress with That afternoon, Bethany went to the Hoffmans’ residence.

In contrast to Bethany’s anxiety, Zoe remained composed. With a steaming cup in hand, she settled in for a relaxing afternoon tea.

“The woman demanded Salvador Corporation and KS Group sear for the finest gem before. Justin has been trying to seek help fro Alexa, but he didn’t manage to secure one of her pieces despite hi trip abroad.” Zoe’s eyes flickered.

Bethany stamped her foot. “Damn it, I’m fuming just thinking about it. If only I owned one of Alexa’s jewelry pieces. That would save me all the trouble.

“You do. What makes you think you don’t own one?” Zoe made an Intriguing comment.

Bethany was stunned. “What do you mean, Zoe? Did you manage to get your hands on Alexa’s jewelry pieces?” “As far as I know, Alexa stays out of the limelight. She never showed her face in public before, so no one knew whether she was alive. No.

one had actually seen her masterpiece before.


Bethany’s eyes widened in surprise. “I would be disgraced when found out.” “Tsk. How would you be discovered? It’s hard to determine the authenticity of a painting at an auction, much less a gemstone. No one could tell it was a fake except Alexa.” Zoe leaned forward and whispered, “Besides, I knew a jewelry designer when I was studying in Inalia. You might not believe it, but he was an apprentice to Alexa. I can get him to copy one of Alexa’s woman would be glad to collaborate with you after that.” Bethany was skeptical.

Nevertheless, she did not have much time left. At this point, she had to throw the dice and fake it until she made it.

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