The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 408

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 408-Bella wondered if Justin was still the same man who refused to even pour her a glass of water back then.

How could he dry her hair now?

Was he possessed?

“Get your hands off me!” Bella gritted her teeth and protested in a lowered voice. However, Carrie still stirred in her sleep.

Carrie’s delicate body curled up under the quilt, but she did not wake “If you want to wake Carrie, you might as well make more noise.” Justin slowly curled his lips and rubbed Bella’s hair. He had successfully found her weakness.

“Then be gentle! I’ve been losing so much hair lately. You’re going to make me bald!” Bella frowned, her cheeks turning red with anger.

“Sorry, this is my first time doing this kind of thing. I have no experience…” Justin felt an inexplicable warmth well up in his heart. His fingers relaxed, and he gently rubbed her hair with the towel. “I’ll do better next time.” Bella got goosebumps. She replied coldly, “Justin, I’m only condoning your behavior for Carrie’s sake this time. Next time, I’ll amputate your arms!” Justin wanted to laugh, but he still gently massaged her scalp.

Bella instantly felt the tense nerves in her body relax. Her beautiful eyes were half-closed.

She thought, ‘Damn it! How could this man be so good at this? It’s so comfortable…” When Justin and Bella came out of the bedroom, Bella looked like she had just cried because her eyes were a little red.

Justin tilted his head slightly, his eyes never leaving her.

Ryan blinked and looked at them, feeling a little dazed for a moment. He felt like they were still a perfectly matched couple who were no divorced.

Justin was astonishingly handsome. Apart from Bella, Ryan did not know any other woman who could be worthy of Justin..

“Ryan, you should go back home. Carrie will sleep here tonight.” Justin’s expression was pale. “It would be troublesome to wake her, so I’ll send her home when she wakes up tomorrow morning.” “I won’t go back tonight. I’ll stay here with Carrie!” Ryan remembered that he had kissed Carrie tonight while he was drunk. Although kissing could not lead to pregnancy, he felt guilty for taking advantage of her. Thus, he wanted to stay and take care of her.

“No way!” The ex-couple spoke in unison.

“Ms. Bella!” Steven answered a call and hurried into the room. “The security manager just reported to me that a helicopter was parked on the rooftop of our hotel. They don’t know who it belongs to.” “A helicopter?” “It’s mine,” Justin admitted frankly.

Bella and Steven were stunned.

“Mr. Salvador went on a business trip to Lisenne yesterday. Ms. Thompson, Mr. Salvador flew back in a helicopter as soon as you called him!” lan was busy praising his boss. “Ms. Thompson, Mr. Salvador has never been so attentive to any woman.” lan felt that the reason Justin struggled to pursue Bella was because he was not frank enough. He was too reserved and did not express his feelings openly.

If only Justin had half of Ryan’s clinginess and shamelessness, that would be great.

Justin’s heart shrank in embarrassment. He stopped lan from speaking. “lan, don’t talk too much.” “Mr. Harris, why are you telling me this? Do you want me to praise. your boss?” Bella’s red lips curled coldly. “When a good person does a bad thing, people say that their true colors are exposed. But when a bad person does a good thing, people say that they are a changed person.” Ryan covered his mouth and laughed.

Justin was speechless.

“Carrie is his sister. It’s only natural that he rushes back. That’s a normal person’s reaction, so what’s there to praise?” Bella was not bothered to entertain lan and Justin and walked straight out the door.

Steven glanced at Justin coldly and left with his boss.

“Hmph! How dare he look down on us?!” lan cursed in a low voice, thinking that Steven was a bully.

“At least he knows what to say and what not to say.” Justin took a breath and shook his head angrily. “lan, you are everything, but you talk too much.” “I just wanted the young madam to know how hard you’ve worked… lan muttered aggrievedly.

“She always knew how hard I worked.” The moment those words came out of his mouth, Justin felt a deep pain in his heart. The little bits and pieces of Bella’s kindness to him came flooding back like a wave.

Bella had always known how hard Justin worked.

But when Bella had been deeply in love with him, Justin was so stupid and ignorant about her feelings and efforts.

There was so much love and hate between them. It was also difficult for Justin to make it up to Bella.

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