The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 4

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 4-Five days later, Justin called his secretary, Ian Harris, to the office after breakfast.

“Did you find out more about Anna?” The man faced the floor-to-ceiling window and looked out at Savrow’s city view. His big and tall build exuded an extremely oppressive vibe.

“Um… I’m sorry, Mr. Salvador. There has been no progress.” Ian wiped his sweat nervously. “After the young madam left that night, she didn’t go back to the nursing home where she used to work. I also went to Fogville, her hometown, to investigate in person, but the address she provided before was fake. The Brown family didn’t exist in that small town.

“The address was fake?!” Justin turned around abruptly. His eyes were dark and terrifying.

“Yes. I went to the local police station to check her details, but they couldn’t find anyone that fit the young madam’s description.” Ian had addressed Bella as the “young madam” for three years, so it took some time to change this habit.

Justin was shocked. He thought, ‘Who the hell did I marry? A spy?’ “She left with Asher Thompson that night. Couldn’t you find any clues from him?” “If Mr. Thompson has the intention to hide the young madam, we probably won’t be able to find anything…” The words “hide the young madam” made Justin’s eyebrows shoot up in anger.

“Asher Thompson has always been a decent man. How could he steal my wife?” “Well… It doesn’t really count as stealing. It’s more like picking up the baton…” Justin shot daggers at Ian, who was so terrified that he choked on his breath.

The image of Asher protecting Anna that night was still vivid in Justin’s mind. Asher looked so in love with Anna.

For some reason, Justin was upset about that.

How could his boring wife charm Asher Thompson? In the elite circle, Asher was infamous for being emotionless. So why did he help Anna?

Justin recalled a scene from the night they signed the divorce papers.

–“Justin, can we please stay married?” “Because I love you!” “What a liar!” Justin squinted his eyes. His body exuded a chill. 1 The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. It was a vicious cycle.

At this time, his phone vibrated on the table.

Justin shoved his thoughts aside and saw Rosalind on his caller ID, so he hurriedly answered the call.

“Rose, what’s wrong?” “Justin, I’m in your office lobby. Can you take me upstairs? I made you some snacks, and I want you to try them as soon as possible.” Rosalind’s overly sweet voice over the phone made Ian shudder.

“You’re downstairs?” Justin frowned in surprise.

“Yeah. Don’t you want to see me?” Rosalind asked softly.

“I do. I’ll get lan to bring you upstairs.” After hanging up the phone, Justin looked a little glum.

He had yet to finalize the divorce with Anna, and the news of their divorce had not been made public. If Rosalind came to visit him at the office at such a delicate time, it might stir up unnecessary trouble, even though Justin could handle it.

At this time, his phone vibrated again.

Justin looked down at the screen and felt nervous.

“Yes, Grandpa?” “You bastard! Did you ignore everything I said?!” Nigel Salvador, Justin’s grandfather, yelled over the phone. “I told you that you’re not allowed to have any contact with that Rosalind girl since your married Anna! You broke your promise and even brought her to the office?! I don’t care about your reputation. Think about how Anna would feel about this! You’d better get your ass over here now!” The air in the reception room was suffocating.

Nigel leaned on a cane and sat down in the chair with the help of his personal secretary and his son, Gregory. His face was gloomy.

Justin stood in front of his elders while Rosalind was locked outside because in Nigel’s words, “This bitch isn’t worthy of my time!” “Tell me! What’s going on with you and that woman?!” Nigel slammed his cane on the ground.

“Dad, please calm down…” Gregory hurriedly patted his father’s back and glared at Justin.

“Grandpa, our three-year marriage contract has expired.” Justin’s voice was hoarse as he replied, ” You promised me that I only needed to marry Anna for three years. When the three years are up, up to me to continue the marriage or get a divorce.” it’s Nigel’s face turned pale. He felt like he had been struck by lightning.

Anna had accompanied Nigel daily for the past three years. He was so happy with her he did not even realize that his grandson’s marriage contract had ended.

company that Justin added indifferently, “Now, I choose to end this marriage and be with the woman I truly love. You shouldn’t object because Anna has also signed the divorce papers. We’ll finalize the divorce soon.” “What?! You’re already divorced?!” Nigel was furious. When he stood up, he almost collapsed.

Justin rushed forward to help his grandfather, but Nigel pushed him away angrily.

“Dad! They haven’t finalized the divorce yet. They only signed the papers. Don’t get too aggravated. Otherwise, you’ll get a stroke!” Gregory was afraid that his father’s chronic illness would relapse, so he hurriedly comforted the old man.

“Damn it! I already have an obnoxious daughter-in-law. Why can’t I at least have a granddaughter- in-law that I like?!” Justin froze, not knowing whether to stretch out or let go of his grandfather. Gregory was implicated for no reason in his father’s wrath.

“I want Anna! Go and find her! I can’t eat or sleep well without Anna. I don’t want anyone else to be my granddaughter-in-law. I just want my Anna!” The older Nigel got, the more he acted like a child.

He even threw a tantrum.

“Justin, why don’t you call Anna and bring her over to see your grandfather?” Gregory urged.

“Grandpa, it’s useless for you to act like this. Even if I ask her to come back to accompany you now, our marriage is over. There’s no way I’ll continue it.” Justin thought that it was better to rip off the Band-Aid. Instead of delaying the news, it would be better to just tell his grandfather to stop thinking about her. As time went by, his grandfather’s reliance on Anna would fade.

“Ahhh!” Nigel’s body trembled, and he fell backward.

This time, Justin and Gregory were frightened. They called a doctor and looked for Nigel’s medicine.

Justin felt helpless. He had no choice but to call Anna.

As a result, Justin only heard an automated voice saying, “The number you have dialed is no longer in service.” Anna disappeared and even canceled her phone number.

“Damn it!” Justin’s eyes were red with anger, and he clenched his fists fiercely.

On the other hand, all the senior executives of KS World Hotel were gathered outside the main entrance to welcome their new general manager.

“I heard that the new general manager is a young woman!” “I don’t believe that the new manager will be able to turn the hotel around. The past four managers failed to do it. They either resigned or got transferred. How could a young woman turn the tide?” “I heard that she is Chairman Wyatt’s daughter…” “Chairman Wyatt has so many wives. I guess this general manager is one of his unfavored illegitimate daughters. Why else would he send his daughter to clean up this mess?” Everyone snickered.

“Here she comes! The new boss is here!” A top-of-the-line Rolls-Royce came to a stop at the main entrance, followed by several top-range Maybachs. The convoy was quite spectacular.

When everyone saw the “9999” license plate, they were silent for a moment and held their breaths.

The first thing that came into view was a sky-high black Louboutin.

The next second, a stunning woman with an amazing figure and lush black hair stepped out of the car. Her sharp eyes were cold, which made the crowd avert their gazes.

“Hello, everyone.” Bella parted her rosy lips and flashed a beautiful smile. “I am your new general manager, but I am not an illegitimate daughter. Sorry to disappoint!” As soon as she said this, the people who were gossiping about her moments ago were so frightened that they broke out in a cold sweat.

A few minutes ago, Bella was in the car, using her laptop to hack into the two surveillance cameras at the hotel entrance.

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