The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 379

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 379-Everybody’s jaw dropped.

masterpiece. She had heard about the “Rose of Desire” but had never seen it.

Bella sneaked Vincent a grateful look.

She knew she did not have to explain herself because Vincent would sort out those troublemakers at his show.

There was no need to waste time on unimportant people.

Justin’s eyes never strayed away from Bella. He was fuming.

He was certain that Bella knew the man, and they were close.

“Who is that old man?” Justin asked in a chilling voice.

“Vincent Anderson is the CEO of AX. His grandfather was the last Duke of Inalia, and his grandmother was the founder of AX. His family owns the brand, so that’s why he’s the CEO.

lan added with a wink, “Vincent inherited the dukedom, and the royal family bestowed him with a huge estate. That’s not the only thing. He is one of the top five richest men in Inalia. His net worth is tens of billions of dollars. The young madam is awesome. I can’t believe she has royal friends!” Justin breathed heavily and swallowed hard. He clutched his fingers.


“Wow, Mr. Anderson just stood up for the young madam. Don’t tell me he fancies her!” Hit by a realization, lan exclaimed, “If Mr. Anderson is interested in the young madam, she will have hope of becoming a duchess. She’s a wealthy heiress. If she marries royalty… OMG! The young madam. will be living the life of every woman’s dreams!” “That’s never going to happen. Vincent is old enough to be her father.. She won’t fancy him,” Justin responded solemnly.

A fan of gossip, lan could not stop yapping. “Well, you can’t say for certain. The young madam might prefer mature men. Otherwise she wouldn’t have fallen for you. You’re six years older than her.” Justin shot lan a menacing look.

Six years and twenty-odd years were a huge difference.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, lan pinched his lips together and made.

a gesture to zip them. He looked comical and pitiful.

His banter got to Justin’s head.

Justin no longer resented her for lying to him again and again.

He started to whine about the outstanding men around her. He was pushed to the back of the line.

“OMG! The CEO of an international luxury jewelry brand just publicly admitted using Alexa’s pieces as a reference. This is an embarrassment to his company.” “I don’t think so. I think Mr. Anderson is forthright. Besides, he wasn’t using Alexa’s work for reference. He said he drew inspiration from Alexa’s creation.” “We did take elements from Alexa’s designs.” Amid the press’ chatter, Vincent admitted, “Ms. Alexa is well aware of We talked in private, and Ms. Alexa permitted us to apply the elements in the Everlasting Flower collection. She has also. participated in the design.” Everybody gasped in awe.

Zoe’s smug face stiffened, “So I’m glad Ms. Thompson wore Alexa’s pieces to attend AX’s event.” Vincent glanced at Bella before looking away.

“There’s one more thing you aren’t aware of, Ms. Hoffman.” Bella chuckled and continued, “AX and Alexa have been close partners for many years. There is one rule the VIP members of AX Jewelry know “They are free to wear Alexa’s jewelry pieces to AX’s events and will be seated in the VVIP section. If that isn’t enough, AX offers free lifetime maintenance and care for customers who own Alexa’s jewelry pieces. You’re a fan of AX jewelry. How come you didn’t know?” Zoe turned pale. She was speechless.

Although she owned many of AX’s jewelry pieces, the membership threshold was set too high. Not only did it require a significant amount of spending history, but there was a strict assessment of the either member’s wealth and background. Zoe did not pass requirement despite being Ryan’s sister.

Hence, she did not know about the rule.

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