The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 361

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 361-“What did I tell you, Mom? I told you they were more than friends. Carrie is trying to get in my way!” Bethany complained.

Bethany was jealous because Ryan dressed Carrie in a fancy red gown. Even without makeup, Carrie glowed.

To make matters worse, Carrie’s evening gown sported the same burgundy color as Ryan’s tuxedo, making them appear to be a perfect match.

Under the spotlight, they stood alongside each other like newlyweds. All eyes were on them.

Bethany found her purple gown to be a painful joke.

The color would never go well with burgundy.

“I gave birth to Carrie. I know the type of person she is.” Shannon had a deeper perspective that extended beyond Bethany’s surface-level understanding. “Carrie might be 22 years old, but she has the mind of a 12-year-old. She lacks the capacity to date a man, let alone steal your man.” While Shannon’s comment was comforting, Bethany still found herself furious.

“I think you have bigger problems on your plate than you realize. Ryan has never shown you any attention. After your grandfather’s birthday celebration, Ryan is probably feeling repulsed by you because you wanted to pursue something more with him by using underhanded means Since he knows Carrie is your sister, he’s likely befriending her to get on your nerves and kill any chances of anything developing between you two.” “W What?

Bethany was flustered. “What should I do now? Does that mean I’ll never get to marry him?” “Don’t get yourself worked up. You need to work with Zoe to get her help in getting closer to Ryan. You need to change your attitude and be patient. Since Ryan is nice to Carrie, you need to be extra nice to her too. Change Ryan’s opinion of you and let him see your kind side. Get it?” Shannon uttered somberly as she strategized for her daughter.

“Fine,” Bethany replied grumpily.

Carrie’s eyes lit up at the thought of meeting her idol tonight. She Her gaze fell on the stage where Zoe was playing the piano. She froze as the color drained from her face, her expression turning ashen and lifeless.

Her slender legs shook under her gown.

The painful memories of her childhood washed over her, drowning her in despair.

-“Hahahaha ! Who would want to be friends with an idiot like you?

Why would you think that?” -“Dump her into the trash can. That’s where trash belongs.” -“Cut her hair off. I hate girls with better hair than me in school.” -“It’s no wonder Chairman Salvador and Madam Shannon hate you. Your sister doesn’t like you either. It’s unbelievable that you call yourself a Salvador. You’re the family’s disgrace.” Carrie thought, ‘I’m a disgrace…’ Zoe focused on playing the piano on stage, oblivious to that resentful and terrified gaze in the audience.

With her eyes welling up, Carrie clutched to her teddy and backed up in a cold sweat.

Suddenly, Ryan grabbed her arm.

To his surprise, Carrie shook his arm off and ran for the door without looking back.

“Carrie! Where are you going?” Ryan was astonished and concerned that she might encounter trouble venturing out alone in the dark, so he followed her.

Bethany was furious to watch the whole scene unfold.

Despite Shannon’s advice to remain calm, Bethany could not stand to see Ryan so worried about the dummy.

Terrorized by fear, Carrie recklessly sprinted out of the hotel and tried to cross the road tearfully.

herself in her room for countless lonely nights, immersing herself in films.

However, in reality, Carrie desperately wanted to flee as far as she could when she saw Zoe.

“You’re a burden that nobody wants, loser!” The mocking words and harsh criticisms clung to Carrie like shadows, never leaving her alone.

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