The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 339

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 339-“Mr. Salvador, your wisdom knows no bounds!” “What?” Justin interrupted, his eyebrow furrowing in response.

Ian grinned, revealing a set of gleaming white teeth. “Why not let Young Madam have her way this time? Anyway, it’s not the ultimate showdown. It’s just a welcoming banquet. A real man shouldn’t compete with a woman, especially considering you two used to be married…” “No way!” Having declared this, the imposing boss entered the luxurious car with a grave expression.

Ian stood frozen in place. His expression gradually turned mournful. ‘Oh my, Mr. Salvador seems to be made of reinforced concrete. How can someone so utterly stubborn win back the young madam’s heart?’ At this moment, Justin leaned back in the car seat and took a deep breath. ‘Should I do as Ian proposed and let Bella have her way?’ From the divorce to now, Justin has never defeated Bella once. She had always been riding high, overwhelming and crushing him completely.

Justin was astonished to realize that Bella was no longer the calm, gentle, and simple woman he once knew during their marriage. She had become intelligent, outstanding, and shrewd. She seemed increasingly unattainable.

Justin genuinely yearned to defeat her, as if winning just once could bridge the distance between them.

Late at night, Ryan headed out to ACE for some entertainment. With only Mrs. Hoffman and Zoe left at home, Zoe entered her mother’s room, climbed onto the bed, and acted coquettishly.

Reflecting on the dinner table scene earlier, Mrs. Hoffman couldn’t help but comment, “Zoe, why did your attitude toward Justin become so affectionate tonight? You made him feel awkward.” Mrs. Hoffman sighed with a hint of frustration. “You’re not a child anymore, and Justin is not the big brother who used to play with you. He’s now the president of the Salvador Corporation and a person of stature. Every move he makes is scrutinized by many, so you must watch y actions. It might not be appropriate for you to act coquettishly toward him in the future. I think you should still…” “Mom.” Zoe suddenly sat up and looked her mother in the eye. “I’m not acting like a spoiled brat, and I never regarded Justin as my brother.” “What are you saying?” Mrs. Hoffman looked confused.

“Why do you think I turned down the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Inalia and gave up my great future to return to Savrow? It’s all for Justin. I want to marry him and be his wife!” “What?!” Mrs. Hoffman sat up abruptly, staring at her daughter with astonishment. “Are you out of your mind? He’s your brother!” “He’s not my biological brother anyway!” Zoe retorted. Her eyes sparkled at the thought of Justin. “I’ve waited for so long, and Justin has finally broken up with Rosalind. Now, no one can stop me.” Faced with her daughter’s wishful thinking, Mrs. Hoffman became particularly conflicted.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Why do you look like that? Don’t you want me and Justin to be together?” Zoe furrowed her brow and shook her mother’s hand.

“No, it’s just…” Mrs. Hoffman hesitated for a moment and expressed her concern. “Justin is indeed an outstanding person, but he’s not a suitable match for you. It’s not just about Rosalind. As your eldest brother mentioned, Justin was married before. Oh, Zoe, you’re so kind and innocent. The situation in the Salvador family is complicated. I’m afraid you’ll be treated unfairly or even bullied if you marry Justin.” Zoe chuckled in her heart. ‘I’m innocent? I think Bethany Salvador is the real simpleton! If I marry Justin, I will definitely play around with the women in the Salvador family. Mom is underestimating me!’ “Mom! I am the heiress of the Hoffman family. We are no less than the Salvadors, and with your and Ryan’s support, anyone from the Salvador family who dares to mistreat me won’t get away with it!” “But feelings have to be mutual. Even if you want to marry, Justin has to be willing!” Mrs. Hoffman felt a sense of helplessness with her wayward daughter.

Zoe smiled confidently. “With you and Ryan’s backing, I already have an added advantage over others. As long as I can prove to Justin that I’m no longer the child I used to be, that I hold value to him, and that I can stand by his side, he will surely notice me!” “But…” “Oh, no buts, Mom. In any case, I won’t marry anyone but Justin in this lifetime!”

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