The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 338

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 338-The young embarrassed.

and beautiful Zoe blushed instantly upon hearing Justin’s remarks, feeling quite Ryan frowned. “Justin, are you mad at Zoe for trying to serve you with her own fork? She hasn’t used it yet, and she offered you the first bite.” Being a protective brother, Ryan immediately stepped forward to defend his younger sister.

Quickly, Zoe apologized. “Sorry, Justin. I didn’t think it through.” Zoe promptly switched to another fork and attempted to place a piece of fish on Justin’s plate, but he stopped her once again.

“I can handle it myself.” Zoe pouted. “I haven’t been back in years. Justin, are you trying to distance yourself from me? We used to share ice cream when we were kids!” “That was back when we were kids. You’re not a child anymore.” Justin calmly responded as he looked at the food. He picked up a small piece of crab meat and chewed it slowly..

Zoe’s heart tightened. Her face darkened as she dejectedly stuffed the fish into her mouth, chewing with force.

Meanwhile, Justin surveyed the exquisite dishes on the table, reminiscing about the times Bella used to cook for him. He understood the time and effort these dishes required. He knew Bella used to spend the entire afternoon in the kitchen, enduring the smoke that made her face oily while holding back her coughs. Yet he had never praised her, not even once.

Even if the dishes reached the level of a state banquet chef, Justin refused to acknowledge her. Each time he ate her food, he found himself craving an extra serving.

An inexplicable pang hit his heart as he thought of the pitiful look in Bella’s eyes, eagerly awaiting his praise with starry eyes, only to be disappointed every time.

But after a brief moment of disappointment, Bella always regained her composure and smiled at him cheerfully.

-“Next time, I’ll do even better!” ‘Next time… Will there be a next time?’ With these thoughts, Justin lost his appetite. Even swallowing became difficult.

Justin’s charming eyes turned slightly cold, but his expression remained calm. What he disliked the most was discussing business during family meals, especially when unrelated people inquired about the internal affairs of his company.

“Mm.” “Can I help with anything?” Zoe blinked her eyes eagerly.

Justin declined Zoe’s offer. “There’s no need.” To Zoe’s dismay, Justin once again rejected her. “There’s no need for that.” **

Justin frowned slightly and decisively declined. “You are the heiress of the Hoffman family. It’s not appropriate for you to entertain guests like that. Professionals will be hired to perform live.” Zoe’s expression instantly fell. “So, do you think that I’m not professional enough?” At this point, Justin had completely lost his appetite.

He initially attended the dinner reluctantly, not wanting to offend Mrs. Hoffman and Ryan, but he found it increasingly annoying.

“Justin, Zoe is the top protege of a renowned pianist. She’s more than qualified to play at your welcoming banquet. Just let her go.” Ryan chewed and spoke on behalf of his sister.

“Yes, Justin. Zoe regards you as a brother, so let her help you this time.” Mrs. Hoffman, who doted on her daughter, also advised him.

Zoe continued to plead with a pitiful expression. “Justin, I promise I’ll play exceptionally well. I won’t let you down!” Justin frowned and reluctantly nodded.

After the dinner, Justin bid farewell to the Hoffmans and left. Outside Hoffmans’ residence, Ian received an important message and hurriedly conveyed it to Justin.

“Mr. Salvador, there’s a bit of an issue. Your plan has clashed with KS World Hotel on the same day!”

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