The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 333

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 333-Steve stood there with his mouth wide open in sheer astonishment. However, Bella was calm and even let out a casual yawn.

“Why reveal my identity at this moment? Look, you’ve scared poor Steve,” Bella said.

“Alexa, why haven’t we heard from you since you returned to Savrow? Everyone in the studio has been eagerly awaiting your return!” Sliva said as her eyes turned red.

“Sigh, sorry, my dear. For a considerable amount of time, I need to support my family, so I can’t get away. You’ll have to handle things at the studio in Inalia for now.” Bringing up this matter, Bella sighed guiltily. “But you don’t have to worry about the studio closing down. The jewelry pieces I designed in the early years are all invaluable, and the funds are absolutely sufficient to sustain the studio’s operation. However, you must tell everyone not to delay their own futures for the sake of following me. If anyone wants to leave my studio, I will offer my blessings without any complaints, including you, Sliva. If you want to leave, you can tell me. There’s no need to hold on like this.” Sliva rubbed her eyes. “Alexa, I owe you a debt of gratitude. I will never leave you.” “You’ve supported me so much, and the favor has long been repaid. I don’t want to be your burden. It’s an honor that you want to work for me, but you have the right to choose any life you want.” Bella’s eyes shimmered with gentle light as she softly laughed. “The reason Alexa has become a legend is because of all of you by my side.” Listening to Bella, Steven could not help but have tears welling up in his eyes.

At this moment, Steven realized he had been too presumptuous. He had never truly understood Bella. He thought she was a perfect person, but she was practically a deity! He had utterly underestimated her.

“Alexa, if Salvador Corporation contacts me again, I’ll clearly reject them. Moreover, I’ll tell them that Alexa is preparing to collaborate with KS Group to give them a bigger blow.” Bella lifted her red lips in a smile and said, “Don’t refuse Salvador Corporation outright. If you don’t give them hope, how can you disappoint them?” Sliva, wide-eyed in surprise, nodded. “I understand what you mean.

“The game hasn’t even started, and Justin hasn’t played his trump card yet. If we win effortlessly and leave them in the dust, won’t it be boring?” Bella revealed her flawless teeth with a bright smile, and that cunning little fox-like grin reappeared. “I’ve been planning for so long. How can I not give Justin a chance to showcase his talents? When he exerts all his efforts to reach the finish line, only to find his opponent waiting for him, that feeling is far more frustrating than failure, isn’t it?” As the video call ended, Steven was still in shock from the intense impact of Bella revealing her true identity. Although Bella possessed various talents, the moment he learned she was the real Alexa, he couldn’t help but feel the urge to bow to her and pay his respects.

This was definitely the closest he had ever been to a deity.

“Hello! Earth to Steve!” Bella curved her enchanting eyes and snapped her fingers in front of Steven.

As if breaking out of a trance, Steven returned from his thoughts.

“Steve, do you think what I did was a bit unfair?” Bella leisurely placed both arms on the armrests and spun her chair around.

“Considering how ruthless Justin was to you in the past, I’d say what you did was quite subtle,” Steven said with frustration, gritting his teeth.

“Hmm. With you saying that, I feel reassured.” Bella closed her beautiful eyes in a relaxed manner, slowly turning the chair half-circle, facing the bright floor-to-ceiling windows.

“I spent three years by Justin’s side. The most agonizing part wasn’t that he didn’t love me; it was that he neglected me and treated me as if I were nothing. What hurt the most was his shameless love for Rosalind while we were married.”

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