The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 328

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 328-Justin just wanted to catch a glimpse of Bella.

Suddenly, the gates of Yara Park eased open. Justin’s heart tightened abruptly. Every nerve in his body stirred, and his tall frame leaned forward.

His gaze was focused, firmly locked in the direction of the gate. He held his breath for a moment.

However, when Christopher appeared in his line of sight with a smirk and strolled over casually, Justin felt his heart sink.

Justin observed with cold detachment as Christopher walked up to him.

“Mr. Salvador, it’s late, and there’s no one around. Isn’t it impolite and inappropriate for you to show up here in the middle of the night without an invitation?” Christopher looked at him mockingly.

Justin’s handsome face remained calm, and his thin lips curled into a sneer. “My presence here has nothing to do with you. Since when was Hatchbay owned by the Iverson family?” “Justin, are you always this insolent? Have you always been a sore loser?” Christopher sneered with extreme disdain. “I know why you came, and I know what you’re thinking. You’re regretting that you chose Rosalind over Bella. Now that you realize you’ve been played by Rosalind and have woken up to your own foolishness, you want Bella back. You’re unwilling to lose everything and look pathetic. What do you think Bella is a tool to fill your emptiness? You’ve hurt her deeply. Do you think she’ll still be waiting for you?” – “Bella already has someone new by her side, near and far. If you want to have any ideas about Bella again, you should ask whether I agree and if she can tolerate you.” Christopher adjusted his glasses. His gaze was chilling.

“It’s not your place to say these words, Christopher.” Justin tilted his chin slightly. The intense desire for victory burned like a fierce fire in his heart. “Even if I regret it, even if I want to start anew with Bella, she should be the one rejecting me. Everything you say in front of me is invalid.” “Justin.” “Justin!” Christopher furrowed his brows and no longer cared to hide his hostility toward this man.

Unexpectedly, their voices turned into a duet.

Justin suddenly lifted his gaze, and when Bella walked towards him in anger, his heart uncontrollably pounded violently.

“Bella, why are you dressed so lightly? It’s chilly out here…” Christopher’s eyes darkened abruptly, and the harshness dissipated. His gentle undertone. resurfaced.

Just as he was about to greet her, he saw her rush past him like a gust of wind, not pausing in front of him.

At this moment, Bella and Justin locked eyes. It was as if an invisible barrier surrounded them, completely isolating Christopher from them.

They stood there in a standoff, doing nothing, yet it gave the distinct impression that there was no room for a third person between them.

Christopher tightened his fists. The cold air in his lungs transformed into sharp knives that twisted his internal organs painfully.

The animosity hidden behind his dark eyes gradually twisted into murderous intent.

“Mr. Salvador, you’re touring Hatchbay again, huh? Every time you come around, you have to linger around my doorstep. Is it because Yara Park has a nice view? Have you thought of it as a landmark?” Bella, with one hand on her slender waist, asked aggressively.

Justin’s heart was still trembling. He fixed his gaze on her and caught himself saying, “The scenery here is quite nice.” Bella thought to herself, ‘The scenery is quite nice?! Is this man missing some brain cells? Can’t he hear the sarcasm in my voice?!’ “Heh, then next time, I’ll arrange a local guide for you and take you on an in-depth tour of Hatchbay. Don’t keep hanging around my doorstep. This isn’t a tourist attraction!” Bella could no longer tolerate this man. She gritted her teeth and said, “Leave here immediately. I won’t be seeing you off!” Justin continued to stare at her blankly, his reddened eyes dimming. Then he said softly, ” Alright, goodnight.” Bella froze. ‘What?! Goodnight?! This man came all the way here, and all he said was goodnight? What is wrong with him?’ The next moment, Justin, as if resolving something, turned around and headed toward his car.

“Justin, wait!”

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