The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 325

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 325-Suddenly, the hall fell silent, and the air became somewhat tense. Bella turned in surprise, meeting Christopher’s gentle gaze.

The way Christopher said “Bella” made Charles scowl even more. Wyatt glanced at his beloved daughter and appraised Christopher. His gaze was unreadable, yet he only smiled lightly, saying, “Chris, you purposely went to pick up Bella? That’s too much trouble.” “Uncle Wyatt, you’re too polite.” Axel nudged Asher with his elbow and asked in a low voice, “Ash, when did Bella get so close to Christopher? I had no idea!” “Do I need to disclose every detail about Bella?” Asher remarked casually.

“Are you aware of their relationship, then?” “I am.” “Damn! Are you showing off how much closer you are to Bella?!” “I asked Christopher to escort Bella back.” Axel drew a sharp breath. “Ash, how can you casually push our baby sister toward another man? It’s hard to know someone’s true colors. What if this Christopher has impure intentions toward her? What if he makes unwanted advances on the way?” “Impure intentions are commonplace. In this world, no man will be immune to Bella’s charm. As for the latter, we don’t need to concern ourselves with it.” Asher lightly smirked. “If Christopher were the person you described, would he still be standing here in front of us with all his limbs intact?” “Hmm, valid point.” After all, being the heiress of KS Group, Bella had been taught by Drew and Asher how to wield a sword and handle a gun since childhood, while her peers were still playing with dolls.

In truth, Asher’s actions were not entirely selfless. Justin had firmly entrenched himself in Bella’s life for 13 full years. Even though Bella had uprooted that man from her heart, the deep and heart-wrenching wound left by Justin could not be ignored.

At this moment, she needed someone in her life to fill the void in her heart. Her brothers could not play this role, but Asher felt that Christopher could do so.

The men engaged in conversation in the living room, while the three madams “interrogated” Bella in the backyard.

“Bella, come clean. What’s your relationship with Christopher?” Sasha, with a sly smile, hugged Bella’s slender waist and straightforwardly posed the question.

“Consider us friends,” Bella said calmly.

“A boyfriend?” Sasha excitedly pressed for details.

“A male friend!” Bella was exasperated.

“Oh, there’s no such thing as platonic friendship between men and women. So, he’s your boyfriend. Even if you’re not official now, it’s bound to happen!” Sasha casually pinched Bella’s slim waist.

“Back then, when I saved your dad from an attempted assassination by a business rival, he said he wanted to become sworn siblings with me. Look at us now! We just haven’t had a child.” Bella was completely speechless, defeated by Sasha’s lack of filter.

Mila and Celeste looked at each other, not annoyed but rather amused by the situation.

After all, if it were not for Sasha’s brave intervention back then, Wyatt might not be alive today. There were still two gunshot scars on Sasha’s lower back and left shoulder from the time she shielded Wyatt from a bullet.

“Bella, it would be great if you could be with Christopher. It’s not just about matching social status. Lance Iverson and your father are close. If you marry into the Iverson family, they will surely treat you well.” Celeste swooned. “Besides, Christopher is very handsome. Your children would undoubtedly be incredibly good-looking.” “Wait a minute! How did we suddenly jump to having children together?! He has nothing to do with me… Where is this even going?!” Bella felt the conversation was getting more absurd.

“Celeste, I think Bella should not choose a lifelong partner solely based on looks.” Mila, being more rational, narrowed her eyes slightly and seriously analyzed the situation.

“From what I know, Christopher had just returned from Sentania. He doesn’t hold much stake in the Iverson Group, and his foundation is not very stable. His mother has been exiled abroad by Lance under the guise of seeking medical treatment, and she’s rarely heard from. If we let Bella marry him, it may seem like a good match on the surface, but in reality, she might be marrying beneath her status. Who knows? Christopher might be eyeing Bella’s net worth, wanting to leverage her substantial background to gain power within the Iverson family.” Mila expressed her concerns.

“Oh dear! What you said makes a lot of sense. We really shouldn’t be hasty about this!” Sasha, always swaying with the wind, was now echoing caution.

“Bella, even when shopping, we compare prices from three different stores. When it comes to marriage, we can’t treat it lightly. Either don’t get married, or marry someone truly exceptional if you do. Maybe you should consider Charles?” Celeste suggested.

Bella felt overwhelmed and could not find the words to explain herself. She covered her head with both hands, feeling frustrated.

With so many mothers around, their nagging was like having eight hundred mosquitoes buzzing in her ears.

Her head was throbbing.

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