The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 319

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 319-Since Ryan was not around and Mrs. Hoffman was still convalescing abroad, Bethany’s scheme to earn some brownie points faced a temporary setback. However, the thrill of Ryan accepting her gift made her heart race. She might not be able to fall asleep tonight.

In the afternoon, the two of them enjoyed the fall scenery beneath the enormous parasol tree in the Hoffman family’s backyard, sipping afternoon tea.

“Zoe, when did you meet Bella?” Bethany’s internal alarms blared, carrying a mix of hatred and jealousy directed at Bella.

“I bumped into her backstage the day before yesterday during my master’s music performance,” Zoe replied nonchalantly.

With a relaxed posture, legs crossed, Zoe took a sip of black tea and glanced at Bethany, inquiring, “From the tone of your voice, it seems like you have a grudge against Bella.” “Grudge? More like an irreconcilable feud!” “Is it that serious?” “Zoe, you’ve been abroad for a long time, so there are many things you don’t know.” Bethany gritted her teeth, her voice dripping with disdain.

“Bella is like a puppet master pulling the strings, manipulating Justin’s and Ryan’s every move, and causing complete chaos!” “The Salvador family is in utter chaos because of this woman!” “What? My elder brother likes her too?” Zoe’s eyes darkened.

“Ryan was seduced by that bitch! Bella is quite skilled at captivating men. She’s a natural-born temptress!” Bethany was on the verge of exploding. Her cheeks flushed in anger. “But luckily, they are not as close now. I suppose that vixen has found a new target.

“Ryan doesn’t get seduced by just anyone. He’s usually the one who fools around with women, not the other way around. Bella has probably already been with Ryan. He just never sleeps with the same woman twice. She’s just a plaything for him. He won’t get serious. I know him too well.” Shifting her focus to Bethany’s troubled expression, Zoe quickly reassured her with a comforting smile. “But Bethany, you’re different. Our families have a good relationship. With me around, I’ll ensure you win Ryan’s favor.” Bethany was moved to tears. “Aww, Zoe! You’re such a good friend!” She felt like she had embarked on a journey toward happiness.

“By the way, Zoe the most.

what’s going on between Bella and Justin?” This was the matter that concerned “Heh, talking about this makes me even angrier!” Bethany clenched her fists tightly, expressing her hatred. “She is Justin’s ex-wife!” “What did you say?!” Zoe suddenly stood up, and the precious tea cup in her hand fell onto the lawn. “Ex-wife?! How is that possible? Didn’t Justin just break up with Rosalind? He hasn’t even gotten married! How can there be an ex-wife?!” 2/2 Noticing Zoe’s interest in Justin, Bethany added fuel to the fire. “Even after their divorce, Justin and Bella remained close. Rosalind tried to cling to him and make a scene twice, but Justin hadn’t completely moved on from Bella! Rosalind brought it upon herself by annoying Justin with her silly tricks, but can he deny his decision to break up with her had no connection with that vixen, Bella?” This time, it was Zoe’s turn to be furious.

“No wonder! That night, Justin’s gaze toward that woman seemed like he was entranced.” Zoe, with a tinge of bitterness, clenched her jaw.

Zoe continued, “Rosalind struggled for more than ten years to win his heart. How did that woman become his wife? On what grounds?!” Zoe’s words left a sour taste in her mouth. “Bethany, if you don’t mind, let me be your sister- in-law!” Upon hearing this, Bethany was left speechless. She thought to herself, ‘This girl really doesn’t see herself as an outsider!’ “I certainly don’t mind! Compared to that ruthless and scheming Rosalind, of course, I would hope you become part of our family!” Bethany quickly expressed her loyalty.

“Since we both have clear goals, why don’t we form an alliance and work together? What do you think?” Zoe approached Bethany, bent down, and placed her hands firmly on her shoulders. “I’ll help you win my brother’s heart, and you can help me with Justin. How does that sound?” “Zoe, you’re aware of my family dynamics. I have a half-sibling relationship with Justin and am not as close to him as you are to Ryan… I’m afraid I won’t be of much help to you!” Bethany’s words were genuinely heartfelt, and in her eyes, this was almost as difficult as reaching for the heavens.

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