The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 318

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 318-Yet, Zoe was exceptionally close to Bethany, driven solely by a simple reason-Bethany was from the Salvador family.

In Zoe’s eyes, only individuals with such prestigious family backgrounds were worthy of her friendship.

“Oh, Bethany, you look so beautiful today! Oh, you brought a gift. That’s incredibly thoughtful of you.” Zoe greeted Bethany at the door with a radiant smile. The two appeared as affectionate best friends, holding hands.

“Zoe! I’ve missed you so much! You look even prettier than the last time we met!” Bethany showered her with compliments, all while harboring her own ulterior motives.

Given Ryan’s affection for his younger sister, establishing a good relationship with Zoe would provide Bethany with a reason to frequently visit the Hoffmans.

Bethany intended to take a subtle approach to win Zoe’s favor. If Zoe were to speak highly of her to Ryan, she could swiftly ascend to the position of the young madam of the Hoffman family.

Bethany was truly quite cunning.

“A few days ago, I traveled around Europe and bought some souvenirs. I bought something for you and for Mrs. Hoffman. They’re not very valuable, so please don’t be disappointed.” Zoe gazed at the mountain of luxurious gift boxes, a sly smile playing on her lips. “Is there a gift for my big brother in there?” “Yes, there is… I was worried your big brother might not like it and wouldn’t accept it…” Bethany blushed, shyly lowering her head.

“Oh, look at you! How deep is your affection for him, blushing like a peach at the mere mention of him?” Zoe playfully beckoned with her finger toward Bethany. “Leave it to me. He’ll accept it as long as I give it to him.” “Thank you so much, Zoe! You’re the best!” Bethany felt elated and promptly retrieved the gift intended for Ryan.

Zoe took the exquisite box, opened it, and discovered a platinum tie pin with sapphires embedded at both ends-a clearly valuable item.

At that moment, Ryan descended the vintage-style spiral staircase in a YSL purple haute couture suit. He wore a rose-patterned black silk shirt underneath, maintaining an ethereal and noble air about him.

Bethany stared in admiration at her idol, her mouth slightly agape, almost on the verge of drooling.

Zoe called out sweetly to her elder brother. “Ryan!” Ryan, who had been smiling indulgently at his sister, turned cold and distant at the sight of Bethany.

“Ms. Bethany, what brings you here?” “I… I…” Bethany stammered, nervously swallowing.

“Ryan, I invited Bethany to visit our home,” Zoe said as she embraced Bethany, leaning intimately on her shoulder. “We have always had a great relationship, didn’t you know? She’s best friend in Savrow.” my “Is that so? I really didn’t know.” Ryan squinted, offering mock advice. “Zoe, I don’t oppose you making friends, but be discerning in your choice of friends. Some friends guide you, while others lead you astray.” Zoe discreetly glanced at Bethany, who was now pale with embarrassment.

“I understand, Ryan. I’m already 22! Don’t you think I can distinguish between good and bad people?” Zoe replied calmly.

“I know you haven’t been in Savrow much in these years, and you don’t have many friends here. If you really want to make friends, I can introduce you to Ms. Bella Thompson. She’s the beautiful lady you saw last night.” Ryan suggested. His tone softened when he mentioned Bella. “Coincidentally, she’s acquainted with your mentor, Christian. You’ll surely have a lot in common.” Zoe sneered inwardly at the suggestion. What a joke! How could she be friends with her love rival?

Ryan walked over to his sister, gently pinching her cheek. As he was about to leave, Zoe took the opportunity to place the gift in his hand.

“Ryan, this is a gift Bethany specially selected for you. She put a lot of thought into it, so you must accept it with care,” Zoe said, blinking her innocent, charming eyes at him.

Ryan took the box without saying anything, striding away with effortless grace.

“You see, I told you. As long as it’s from me, he will definitely accept it,” Zoe boasted, hands on her hips.

Bethany was so moved and excited that tears welled up in her eyes as she looked gratefully at Zoe.

Ryan walked calmly to the doorway, his composed face revealing nothing.

He coldly glared at the delicate box, not even desiring to open it. He raised his arm, seemingly prepared to toss it far away.

Then, recalling his sister’s words, he spotted his female secretary by the car. He licked the tip of his tongue against his upper palate and flung the box towards her.

The secretary hurriedly caught it, looking puzzled. “Mr. Hoffman, what is this…?” “A gift for you.” She opened it and stared in confusion. “But Mr. Hoffman, this is a men’s tie clip. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I have no use for it.” Ryan glared irritably. “Don’t you have a father? If not, use it to clip some documents. I don’t care what you do with it.”

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