The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 317

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 317-The moon was bright in the night sky, with no stars in sight.

The Maybach halted at Tideview Manor. Mr. Salvador stepped out alone, instructing the driver, “Take Mr. Harris back. I’ll go in by myself. No need to follow.” “But, Mr. Salvador, it’s going to rain. I heard thunder on our way back.” Ian was concerned. There is still some distance from the main gate to the manor. It might be better to escort you in.” “No need.” Justin’s features were cold and deep. He lightly tugged at his Windsor knot tie and said, “I feel a bit stuffy, so I want to take a walk. You may leave.” “Yes, sir.” Ian leaned against the car window like a loyal guard dog and watched Justin until the car completely disappeared into the night.

Justin took a deep breath and turned to walk toward the manor. However, before he could take more than a few steps, a loud clap of thunder echoed, and it began to pour.

By the time Justin entered the house, he was completely drenched from head to toe. The harsh rain and fall winds were chilly and unyielding, and the stuffiness in his chest was particularly bothersome.

Wilma rushed over in a panic. “Oh my goodness! Young Master! How did you get soaked like this?! Where’s the driver? And where’s Ian?!” His face was pale. His jet-black hair that covered his twinkling eyes was soaked, and his lips trembled. Water dripped from his arms that were hanging at his sides. He looked like a stunning sea god that had just emerged from the sea and transformed into his human form.

“Wilma…” His throat tightened, and he asked in a hoarse tone, “Is there any wine? I want a drink.” “You’re soaked, and you still want to drink alcohol? Are you out of your mind? I’ll go make some ginger tea for you. Hurry upstairs and get changed!” Wilma was deeply concerned. She turned to leave, but Justin grabbed her.

“I just want to drink wine. Let me drink.” “Young Master, what’s going on with you?” Wilma had a sense that something was not right. Unable to bear it any longer, Justin said, “I ran into Bella tonight.” “Young Madam? You saw the young madam?” Wilma was initially pleased, but Justin’s next words made her furrow her brows.

“Someone is with her.” “Who?” “She has a boyfriend.” The words came abruptly from Justin’s lips, his voice husky and broken.

Wilma gasped, inhaling a cold breath and staring in astonishment. “So soon?! Well, I guess that’s expected. Young Madam is outstanding, beautiful, kind-hearted, and has a prestigious background. Even after a divorce, she will surely have plenty of suitors. She won’t have trouble remarrying.” ‘Remarry?’ Justin’s eyes turned bloodshot, and his heart pounded heavily.

“So, is it because Young Madam has a boyfriend that you’re like this? You drenched yourself in the rain and want to drink away your sorrows?” Wilma looked at him with a serious expression.

“I don’t know…” Justin shook his head absentmindedly.

“Young Master, if you’re feeling uneasy because Young Madam’s love, which was originally meant for you, has been given to someone else, I advise you to quickly adjust your mindset and let it go. It will be good for both you and Young Madam. But if you genuinely desire Young Madam as a person, even though you two are separated now and it may feel like it’s too late, I still hope you can figure out your own heart and try to chase Young Madam back.” Wilma placed her warm hands on Justin’s damp shoulders. Her gaze was intense. “Young Master, even if it turns out to be in vain in the end, at least you won’t regret trying. Besides, Young Madam deserves it.” ‘Figure out my own heart?’ Justin kept shaking his head, continually denying something in his aching heart. But with each denial, his heart would ache even more.

After graduating from the Royal Music Academy in Inalia, Zoe was selected to join the Royal Symphony Orchestra. However, she ultimately gave up the position and chose to return to Savrow.

Despite being an economic center, Savrow lacked the cultural richness of Inalia. It was permeated with the scent of money and materialism, making it an unwise decision to come back for someone seeking an artistic atmosphere.

However, she had her own secret plans-plans even Ryan, her elder brother, was unaware of.

Upon learning from her elder brother that Justin had definitively broken up with Rosalind and that there was no possibility of reconciliation, Zoe was reignited with hope. In a hurry, she returned to Savrow, ready to embark on her mission to conquer the man.

With nothing else to do that day, Zoe invited Bethany to her home.

Accustomed to being pampered, Zoe was haughty, arrogant, and self-assured in her beauty. As a result, she generally looked down upon women in Savrow’s elite circles.

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