The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 305

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 305-Bethany continued, “It’s better than letting that shameless woman and her leeching family suck us dry. Rosalind and Justin haven’t had an engagement party. It was just an announcement of the marriage, so it’s not that difficult to cut them off.” “Shut up and stuff your face!” Shannon glared at Bethany, hating her stupid daughter for being so tactless.

Sure enough, Gregory’s face turned gloomier.

Shannon made another wrong decision, which had a negative impact on the Salvador family again. Fortunately, Rosalind’s dark past was exposed in advance. Otherwise, Rosalind’s scandal and illegitimate daughter would make Justin and the Salvador family a laughingstock!

“Madam!” At this time, the housekeeper hurriedly walked into the dining hall with a complicated expression. “Ms. Gold is right outside the door, demanding to see you.” Shannon’s face instantly turned cold. She felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

“Let’s meet her. She’s your niece after all.?” Gregory’s voice was cold, and his eyes were downcast.

Shannon knew very well that Rosalind was at the end of her rope, so she would never leave until Shannon met her. Thus, Shannon had no choice but to walk out of the villa.

“Aunt Shannon!” Rosalind ran over crying and held Shannon’s arm tightly. “You must save my mother! You must save her! She’s your biological sister!” “Save her? How should I do that?” Shannon was furious when she thought of her stupid sister, but she tried to suppress her voice. “Only her dumb brain could think of buying a hitman to kill a child. She could have easily solved this problem by giving away that kid. Why would she want to kill that girl to destroy the evidence? Does she think killing someone is so easy?” “But what can I do? Bella already knew about my past in Meridan. She wants to destroy me. With her power, she’ll definitely find the child! We were just too desperate at that time!” “What a bunch of idiots! Bella is deliberately trying to trick you. Bella barely did anything, but you guys made a big deal out of it and got yourselves into trouble. She effortlessly defeated you and your mother! Now that everyone knows what you’ve done, and your child even showed up here, how could you ask me to help you?!” Shannon’s chess piece, which she had worked hard to groom for more than ten years, was destroyed by Bella. Thus, she was resentful.

However, Shannon would not make the same mistake again. She wanted to cut off all ties with her sister’s family immediately, lest she be implicated.

“Aunt Shannon, you can’t just leave us to die! The creditors are chasing me constantly, and my dad is unconscious. I can hardly pay for his hospital bills!” Rosalind’s legs shook in fear when she thought of those ferocious creditors. “Can you help me to pay off the debt first? I’ll take a loan from you! When the company gets back on its feet, I’ll pay you back!” “How are you going to pay me back?” Shannon knew that Rosalind was no longer of use, so she no longer held back her emotions and sneered. “Your brother is in prison, and your father has become a vegetable. The Gold family is helpless. Your company has been nothing but a shell for a long time. Even if I sell you off, it won’t be enough to pay me back! If I were you, I’d buy a plane ticket right now and hide out in Meridan for the rest of my life. After all, I wouldn’t have the cheek to stay here anymore if I were in your shoes. Don’t you have many good friends in Meridan? Go find them and think of a solution!” Shannon was disowning her relatives. She waved her hand with disgust, wanting to get rid of this trouble immediately.

Unexpectedly, Rosalind gripped Shannon’s arm with her sharp nails. Her tearful eyes turned sinister by the second. “Aunt Shannon, we’ve worked together for so long, and I have listened to your arrangements since I was a child. I’ve done so much for you. Have you forgotten all of them?” Shannon was frightened. “What are you going to do?” “Now that my reputation is ruined and Justin hates me, I have nothing to be afraid of!” Rosalind’s haggard face gradually turned fierce as a dark light flashed across her eyes. “If you don’t help me, I will have no choice but to tell your husband all the things you have instigated me to do over the years. I’ll tell him how you asked me to deliberately approach Justin and asked me to spread rumors, which caused Justin to be discriminated against and isolated. I’ll also tell him about how Justin’s mother’s depression worsened and how she finally committed suicide. I’ll come clean to Uncle Gregory and Justin! You’re my aunt, so don’t force me to turn against you!”

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