The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 278

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 278-A storm of emotions was brewing behind Justin’s gloomy face. Bella, on the other hand, did not have such complicated thoughts. In her mind, she was cursing her bad luck.

Bella thought, ‘Meeting this scumbag in such a romantic and beautiful place is like stepping on dog shit.’ As for Rosalind, who was clinging onto Justin, she was nothing more than an eyesore. Bella’s eyes hurt just from the sight of the woman.

At that moment, Christopher’s tall figure leaned towards her. His lips gently brushed against her ear, and he chuckled softly, “Don’t panic, I’m here.” Bella’s ear twitched, and she cursed in confusion. She thought, ‘What’s the fuss about? Just deal with it when it comes. If they behave like dogs, let’s beat them like dogs.’ “Ms. Thompson, I didn’t expect to meet you here,” Rosalind said sweetly, hiding her previous confrontational attitude. She continued, “Is this gentleman your new boyfriend? You two look so perfect together.” Bella’s gaze remained indifferent, showing no interest in interacting with the scheming woman. Despite Bella’s lack of reaction, Christopher smirked, “Thank you for your praise. However, I am not Bella’s boyfriend at the moment.” Bella seemed oblivious to his statement, but when Justin heard it, his expression froze, and he clenched his fist. He thought, ‘Not at the moment? Will it be sooner or later? Is this guy trying to provoke me by implying they’re dating, or has she moved on so fast?’ With her hands wrapped around Justin’s arm, Rosalind sensed his body tense with anger. She realized he hadn’t let go of Bella despite everything.

It appeared that Bella had discovered a new love interest, bringing a sense of relief to Rosalind. ‘At least one of them has fully moved on from their three-year marriage,’ she thought, finding solace in the idea.

Rosalind couldn’t help but wonder about Bella’s seemingly charmed romantic life. Pondering to herself, she mused, ‘Which family does this young master belong to? He’s not only handsome but also possesses a good temperament.’ Breaking the silence, Christopher asked, “Is Mr. Salvador here to accompany his fiancée to enjoy the flowers?” He added, with a slight smirk, “You should hurry. Rose Manor will be closing soon.” “I can’t afford to waste time on that,” Justin retorted, shooting Christopher a hostile look and deliberately ignoring Bella. “Secretary Harris, get in touch with the Rose Manor contact. We need to hash out the details of our collaboration.” Ian promptly responded, “Yes, Mr. Salvador.” swiftly pulling out his phone to dial the number. Within moments, the phone rang loudly.

It was audible to everyone and was seemingly approaching them!

“Strange… Sounds like that person is nearby,” Ian remarked, scanning the area in confusion.

The distinctive ringtone echoed nearby, and a man sprinted over, announcing, “Mr. Iverson Justin was taken aback, his attention fixed on the approaching man holding a ringing cell phone.

“Mr. Iverson, you’ve got a call,” the secretary said, offering the phone to Christopher. He did not forget to shoot a disdainful glance at the Salvador team.

Christopher, seemingly unfazed, smiled and effortlessly ended the call with a casual sweep of his cold, pale fingertips across the screen.

At that very moment, the calls on Ian’s end abruptly ceased. Ian stood there, phone in hand, mouth slightly agape, clearly taken aback.

Meanwhile, Justin, in a state of disbelief, squinted his eyes and turned visibly pale.

“The owner of Rose Manor you’re trying to reach, Mr. Salvador, is me. Unfortunately, I’ve already secured an exclusive partnership. It appears Mr. Salvador will be leaving empty- handed,” Christopher stated, directing his gaze toward Bella.

“Ms. Thompson, I’ve accepted your proposal for collaboration,” Christopher continued.

Bella’s beautiful eyes widened as she observed the man extending his right hand towards her.

Christopher added, “Here’s to a fruitful collaboration in the future.” She casually glanced at Justin, whose expression was darkening, his eyes bloodshot.

Seeing Justin’s defeated face, she felt a genuine sense of satisfaction. However, winning without a fight felt like bullying.

Oh well, savor the victory for now!

Bella’s lips curled into a smile, two playful dimples appearing on her cheeks. She gracefully extended her hand and shook hands firmly with Christopher, saying, “Looking forward to a successful partnership, Mr. Iverson.”

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