The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 266

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 266-Nearly a week later, Shannon finally emerged from the prosecutor’s office, looking visibly fatigued. Stripped of the high-end cosmetics, she appeared pale and haggard, as if she had aged a decade. Several strands of white hair had even appeared.

To avoid the swarm of reporters, Shannon could not bring herself to return home in this ghostly state. She feared that Gregory might catch sight of her like this, causing her carefully maintained image to fall apart.

Sensing her concern, Bethany accompanied Shannon to a beauty salon first, where she washed up before venturing out to face the world.

As they left the salon, Shannon said, “Let’s not go home just yet. Let’s go see Rosalind.” She adjusted her hair in the mirror with a gloomy expression and continued, “After all, she is my niece. Having risked half her life, I can’t afford not to care. I must uphold my kind and benevolent image for your father.” Shannon thought to herself, ‘A meticulously crafted persona for 25 years-it absolutely must not unravel!’ Bethany said, “Mom! Rosalind actually resorted to suicide!” Although Bethany harbored a dislike for Rosalind, the memory of that blood-soaked bathroom still haunted her. “Let’s not even talk about whether Justin will fall for her fake suffering. If her scheme went awry and nobody discovered it in time, she might lose her life. She’s truly ruthless, even to herself!” “Heh, how could anyone not discover it in time?” Shannon said with a playful smile as she put away her mirror.

Bethany was momentarily stunned before a sudden realization dawned on her. She gasped. ” Mom! Did you already know…” Shannon immediately lifted her index finger to her lips, signaling for Bethany to not say another word.

It was Shannon’s idea to arouse Justin’s sympathy by attempting suicide. Back then, she had used a similar strategy, leveraging it to evoke Gregory’s sympathy. It granted her entry into the Salvador family, paving the way for the life she enjoys today.

Justin had also suffered from depression, and it was Rosalind who supported him through that challenging period. Triggering the past trauma would naturally bring back memories of Rosalind’s virtues. Despite the significant risk involved, the potential rewards were even more considerable.

“Even if Rosalind isn’t an ideal candidate, I can’t allow any possibility of a reunion between Justin and that wretched woman, Bella!” Shannon had endured a lot these past few days dealing with the prosecution, and the mere thought of Bella made her clench her fists. “Bella, how dare you play games with me? I swear, I will fight you to the end! I won’t let you get away with it!” Shannon added, “The Thompson family might be formidable in Hatchbay, but that’s just a small town. In Savrow, the Salvador family has the final say.” Bethany said with resentment, “We’ll have plenty of chances in the future to deal with that wretched woman!” She was determined to take revenge on Bella for throwing the slippers in her face that day.

Just as Shannon approached the hospital room’s door, she learned that both Gregory and Justin were inside. Shannon put on a facade of a virtuous wife and loving mother. She entered the room as tears streamed down her face.

“Rosalind! My dearest Rosalind! Why would you contemplate something so drastic and do such a foolish thing?” In the presence of the two men, Shannon embraced Rosalind and sobbed uncontrollably.” Why must the women in our family endure such misfortune? Framed and tormented by others… If this continues, I won’t be able to endure it any longer.” “Aunt Shannon, please don’t be like this…” Rosalind wept and skillfully played the role of a distressed victim.

Jean, who was in the room, joined in on their act. The hospital turned into a scene reminiscent of a funeral.

Meanwhile, Justin silently observed them. His face was devoid of any emotion. Rosalind sneakily glanced at him, but the man’s indifference sent shivers down her spine. In the past, whenever she cried, he would always be the first to come and comfort her with soothing words.

But now, all that tenderness seemed to have vanished. The affection that once belonged to her was gradually slipping away, and all this was thanks to Bella!

The three women embraced each other in tears, and Gregory’s brow remained deeply furrowed.

Gregory said solemnly, “Shannon, Justin, come over here. I have something to say.” A few moments later, in the reception room, Shannon gasped, “Greg!”

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