The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 265

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 265-Bella said, “To find Rosalind’s illegitimate daughter, we will lure them out of hiding.” Her eyes shined with a subtle gleam. “Memphis let it slip that only Rosalind’s mother knows the whereabouts of that child. So, I say we get Jean to lead us straight to her, sparing us the need for our own investigation.” Asher chuckled softly and asked with a mysterious smile. “What about Rosalind? How are you going to handle her?” Bella’s expression turned cryptic. “If you want to bring someone down, you’ve got to make them lose it-drive them mad.” Bella let out a yawn as she rubbed her eyes. With a hint of weariness in her voice, she said, She’s almost getting engaged to Justin, right? If we don’t let her bask in the limelight, how can we crush her?” Asher’s heart stirred as he looked back on the situation. He added, “Speaking of Justin, this guy is truly blind.” Bella scoffed. “It doesn’t matter if he’s blind or not. I’ve realized my worth. A guy with such flaws doesn’t matter to me anymore.” Suddenly, Bella’s eyes widened as she remembered something. She swiftly took out her phone and navigated to the gallery, revealing a series of photos she had secretly taken of Christopher.

Bella asked, “Ash, take a look at this person. Do you recognize him?” Her voice was tinged with a mix of curiosity and excitement.

Bella added, “The day Memphis almost got the best of me, this gentleman stepped in just in time. That’s why I only ended up with minor injuries.” Asher was surprised. “Really? Well, you should express your gratitude to him properly.” Bella said, “He’s being all mysterious, though.” She continued with a playful smile on her lips, “I asked him about his identity, but he wouldn’t tell me who he is. What’s more intriguing is that he actually knows who I am!” The image of Christopher’s handsome, chiseled face popped up in her mind. She was getting increasingly curious.

Under her gentle, youthful exterior, Bella harbored a strong desire for control. She disliked the notion of anything or anyone slipping through her fingers.

Asher leaned in, carefully examining the man in the photo.

Suddenly, his eyes widened in recognition, and he looked at Bella with an astonished gaze.

Asher’s tone carried disbelief as he asked, “Bella, do you really not recognize him?” “Huh?” Bella was bewildered. “Should I know him?” “When you were little, I distinctly remember that the two of you had a good relationship.” “What?!” Bella exclaimed, her surprise and skepticism evident. She scrutinized the photo and tried hard to recall her memories.

He seemed somewhat familiar, but the memory eluded her at that moment.

Asher continued, “Christopher, from the Iverson family. When he was little, he was a bit introverted and didn’t like to talk. You were the only one who was willing to play with him. Have you really forgotten?” Bella was struck by the realization. “He’s Critter?!” She exclaimed in disbelief, “Wow, what kind of food did he take to have grown so tall?!” Late at night, Christopher’s private club was vibrant.

Under the hazy lights, people were having a grand time. Laughter, clinking glasses, and the occasional passionate kiss filled the air.

Amidst this lively scene, Christopher sat alone in a quiet corner, giving off an air of elegance and poise.

His presence seemed to discourage any woman from approaching. He was infamous for being cold, surly, and mysophobic. He was not an easy person to please, and no one dared provoke him for fear of disappearing from Savrow.

A somewhat tipsy guy stumbled towards Christopher and said, “I can’t make it to our yacht party in two days.” The man leaned unsteadily against Christopher. Frustration etched his face as he continued, ‘ My father wants me to go on a blind date… Burp! What the fuck, right?! Who the hell gets married in their twenties anyway? Only Justin Salvador wants to settle down quickly.” Christopher sipped some red wine and calmly responded, “If you don’t want to go, then just say no.” “But I can’t!” The man tugged at his tie in annoyance. “The one I’m set up with is the daughter of the richest man in Hatchbay, Wyatt Thompson! What’s her name? Bel-‘ Christopher gasped. His eyes flashed, and he quickly said, “I have a perfect solution.” The man was eager to know. “Tell me more!” Christopher finished his glass of wine. The shifting lights shadowed his facial features, giving him an eerie and mysterious allure.

He proposed, “Why don’t you go to the yacht party? And I’ll go on the blind date on your behalf.”

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