The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 262

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 262-Asher’s eyes narrowed subtly as he shot Bella a deep, scrutinizing look.

This younger sister of his was a real opportunist who did not play by the rules.

A tiny gap was all she needed to flip the situation and catch her opponents off guard.

Memphis’s face went rigid. He had not expected Bella to ask him about this!

“Going by your expression, you definitely know something,” Bella said. Her gaze was cold and cynical.

“I… I do,” Memphis stuttered, swallowing hard. His voice trembled as he confessed, ” Because… That child… Is mine and Rosalind’s…” Both of the Thompson siblings were left bewildered!

Bella’s small hand clenched with excitement. Her gamble with the question paid off handsomely!

“What’s the whole deal? Explain in detail,” Asher demanded, his voice icy and pressing. Memphis explained, “I… I used to work as a fitness coach at a high-end gym in Meridan. I met Rosalind when I was her personal trainer… And, well, things escalated. She was particularly alluring and was quite forward in seducing me. Over time, we ended up together.” Bella raised an intrigued eyebrow. “Go on.

Memphis continued, “But we both had an unspoken understanding that our relationship was just a casual fling. Rosalind always had other men around her, and I was just one of them. Later, there was a time when we experimented with some drugs. She got high, and we didn’t use any contraceptives … Even though she took a morning-after pill afterward, it isn’t 100% safe. Not long after, she found out she was pregnant.” Bella blinked and thought, ‘Well, well… Looks like Rosalind was even into drugs. The more you dig, the more surprises you find!’ She asked, “With Rosalind’s ruthless personality, she surely wouldn’t have kept the child. So why did she go through with the pregnancy?” “She claimed she had a naturally weak body and that she wouldn’t be able to conceive again if she got an abortion. She said no prestigious family would accept a barren daughter-in-law. So, she reluctantly went ahead and gave birth to the child,” Memphis explained.

The topic of children has always been a sensitive one for Bella. This man’s words had clearly struck a chord of pain in her, but she quickly composed herself. Her voice was cold as she asked, “Where is that child now?” “I… I only know she’s in a welfare home in the southern province of Meridan. The girl is around two or three years old now… Apart from that, I know nothing else!” Memphis confessed.

Memphis did not dare to conceal anything further. Unfortunately, he was heartless and had never once bothered to visit his daughter. He could only provide this limited information after racking his brain for details.

“Hah! People like you are the greatest insult to all parents in the world,” Asher angrily declared. “That is your child, and you just discard her like trash without caring to check up on her?” “Well, it’s not like we completely don’t care… I heard Rosalind’s mother has been privately keeping tabs on my daughter. After all, the moment the child was born, Rosalind’s mother took her away. That woman must know where my daughter is!” Memphis could not bear to be tormented again, so he revealed another crucial piece of information.

Bella’s bright eyes flickered with determination, having made up her mind about something. She turned to look at her eldest brother.

As if with an unspoken understanding, Asher also looked at her. When the siblings locked eyes, they understood each other without saying anything.

At that moment, the door to the basement opened, and a bodyguard hastily entered, holding Memphis’s phone.

“Miss, there’s an incoming call,” the bodyguard reported.

With a cold glance at the screen, Bella took the phone and asked, “Who is Ashley?” Memphis flinched and swallowed hard, wiping his nose. “It’s… Rosalind…” “Answer it. You talk to her,” Bella instructed.

Bella leaned down, extending the phone toward him with a frosty gaze. “No tricks, no nonsense. Act like nothing happened. Don’t alert her.” Memphis nodded frantically, obedient as a dog.

He answered the call. “Hello, Ashley. Why are you calling so late? Did you miss me?” “Don’t flatter yourself.” Rosalind paused and asked in a low voice, “You haven’t caused me any trouble lately, have you? I told you not to act impulsively and to wait for my instructions. You haven’t messed things up, right?” Memphis could only grit his teeth and say, “No, since you didn’t give the signal, I didn’t dare to act recklessly.” Bella lowered her long lashes, a faint smirk playing on her lips.

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